Jaffa and a movie

They’re making a movie on the Charles Clore beach in Jaffa/ South Tel Aviv. It looked rather romantic against the backdrop of Old Jaffa.

On another note, I’m in somewhat of a dilemma. I’m rather frustrated by the limitations of WordPress – this is their only photo template, it’s annoyingly fixed width and it doesn’t allow links to VFXY etc. I’ve played around with Aminus3 but it appears I have to make my images miniscule to upload them. Am I missing something?

Does anyone recommend anything in particular? I like the Aminus3 and Myexpressions communities from what I see of them. What is your experience?


19 comments on “Jaffa and a movie”

  1. That’s almost recreating the logo of Tel-Aviv city :)
    Love the grunge feeling here.

    About your question – You’ve touched a spot there. I’m currently on Blogger (free) platform with a ready template I found somewhere. I’ve pushed the template to it’s limit, every change I make collapses everything in there.
    I’ve looked at Aminus3 but there are just too few templates and I don’t like to feel limited.
    The only possible solution I have found, that fits my needs, is to pay a designer that knows his/hers way with wordpress :)

    • Thanks Ilan :)
      I think Blogger has the same limitations as WordPress eventually. Although I think WordPress has nicer templates.
      If you are prepared to get your own hosting, there are a lot of templates to choose from and they’re free – e.g. Daina uses a lovely one. I just don’t know how the “own hosting” thing works unless you use the WordPress “engine”.
      Am3 and MyExpressions are specifically communities so they offer community related stuff. Am3 seems good for a free service although I agree it’s limited in theme design.

  2. I’m ready (I think?)(I hope?) to dive into my “own hosting” blog. I know it’s more fuss and there are more things to worry about and in times of trouble there is no one to turn to, but at least I’ll be free.
    The designer is already working on a design and hopefully soon I’ll unveil my blog’s 2.0 version :)
    (tfu tfu tfu, hamsa hamsa)

  3. Love the timeless appeal to this image. Absolutely stunning view of the silhouetted city in the background.
    As for sites – after a year on blogger…I went to pixelpost. They have many many templates to choose from…lots of flexibility. They aren’t – however – a community like Aminus. I guess it depends what you’re looking for.
    Anyway – send me a note if you want more info. Am happy to share.

  4. Great pic. what camera and lens are you using?
    I find the following site to be a little more freindlty to large format pics


    though you do get limited to a monthly upload space in the free areas

  5. This is a very “romantic” scene. It’s a fun image, trying to figure out what they’re doing, and the silhouetted background completes the image nicely. In regards to your question… I use Pixelpost (http://www.pixelpost.org/). It has many template options, and is easy to set up, with helpful staff. I don’t know of any size restrictions, the largest image I have ever uploaded was 840 pixel width. I have only had one problem but it was because I chose a template that wasn’t fully functional yet, so I switched back to my original one, and it’s the one I’m still using.

  6. Such an effective and appropriate effect for this beautiful image.
    As for your blog engine question…Pixelpost is probably one of the easiest and most flexible photoblog engines out there. There are some decent out of the box templates, too. Email me for more details or if you need help.

  7. I like the blues here and the nice compositional “conversation” between the people and the building in the background.
    I have been happy with AM3, especially given that it’s free. Sometimes image quality suffers when the image is resized, but if you’re careful to stay within their parameters it offers a pretty good service. Yes, the format is rather limited, but I’m more interested in getting my pictures up rather than fussing with all the formatting so it works for me. The other good thing is the community; it’s nice to see everyone’s stuff and the commenting and replying function is very easy. Well, wherever you end up, I’ll keep visiting!

  8. i would once have said my-expressions but they’re not accepting new people now. i think you’d be best suited to look the pixelpost route; it’s certainly what i’m investigating.

    btw…a very nice shot indeed!

  9. I love this image Cat – the people as a group appear to be a smaller version of the buildings (a comparable outline) or perhaps it is the other way around. For some reason it brought Bergman’s Seventh Seal to mind maybe because I find a similar dramatic feeling in your image and a sense of a story being told. I use pixelpost, my son found hosting for me that cost only 15 dollars the first year, but now, in my second year, it was 60 dollars. My son changed the free template’s color for me – I did not want to bother him for much more. I am sure you can change quite a bit more if you find someone who knows this stuff somewhat without having to go the designer route. I like the freedom of my own space because I often consider not having comments (when I feel tired) and just post photos and I like having choices. It is comments like yours and Marcie’s and GJC today that make me glad I still have comments – thank you…

  10. Everyone I knew that was posting photos was using a hosting site and pixelpost software so that was the route I took. Love the dark tones and textures on today’s post.

  11. Great grunged feel, almost look like a photo forgotten and exposed to light etc. for some time. Very nice.

    Re. webhosting, I know wp have a few photo templates, but having someone do a esign for you is nice too, then you’ll get it the way you want it. I used my own hacked blog solution for my site (with a new different design), just because I am lazy :)

  12. I sympathise completely, since I’m at the same stage with blogger – and the frustrations are compounded by the fact there are so many beautifully presented photoblogs out there. As I’m sure you’ve found too, pixelpost looks to me the most viable and attractive option, it’s sort of the industry standard isn’t it? But all that downloading of software puts me off!

    Very lovely photo btw – I thought Daina’s point about Bergman was very apt :-)

    • Thanks so much for all your comments and for your advice re hosting/ sites etc. It’s really interesting (not to mention very helpful) to get your views and experience! Anyway, it looks like I’m going to go down the “own hosting” + pixelpost route. With any luck, I should be up and running with it next week… exciting, no?

      Those of you who’re in the same “frustrated with Blogger/ WordPress” stage – I’ll let you know how easy or hard it is to deal with Pixelpost!

  13. I think you’ll be happy with pixelpost and a host of your choosing. I’m a total idiot when it comes to this stuff and have never had much trouble with it. Spam can be irritating but if I were to put forth some effort I could get rid of it completely, to be honest.

    You’ll find the people on the pixelpost forums to be very friendly and helpful, too. You’re going to love the freedom. Late at night and early in the morning I mess around with trying to customized different templates. So you can learn something too.

    Love the image. Great use of texture and color. Reminds me of something Elaine woud do.

  14. Wonderful light and colors. I like the post-processing!

  15. great image cat.
    i’m pleased with am3, but i might not have the highest expectations. i paid a little bit for an upgraded version, i think (i really can’t remember) and i think that might allow for larger images. regardless, it’s very easy to use and allows for the links that i care about.

  16. Beautifully textured and love all the activity going on there, seems sort of absurd to me and wonderfully cartoonish, like the film, the Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton. Think it’s the silhouette thing.

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