Gan Eden

Top: juice bar on Dizengoff featuring cute plastic apple tree .

Bottom: “Adam and Eve” (Adam ve-Chaya) sex shop on Ben Yehuda featuring Adam and Eve with fig leaves, a neon apple and a closing down sale, 60% off.

Yes, I did have to put up with “witty” comments from passers-by as I took the bottom photograph. How I suffer! For my art!


11 comments on “Gan Eden”

  1. Delicious fruits above (and the forbidden tree), forbidden fruits bellow – That’s Tel-Aviv for you people :)
    I love the connection you made here, it’s a very unique thinking from your side – I never think of a frame as a part of another frame, just like you did here.
    Food for thought (for me)

  2. For me this image is about symbolism and how we invest everything with meaning – especially fruit :} And the contrasts between the “innocent” colorful fruit above and the tawdry and bleak version below. Very nice juxtaposition and worth suffering for :}

  3. The fruit stand is so colorful and nicely arranged. It looks like the owners may have taken time to make it so, and your inclusion of the orange and blue in the background just adds that much more cheerful color. So that image is my favorite of the two. Although I would love to have been there when you were seen taking the nudie shots If they go out of business will people have to wear the fig leaves instead?

  4. i very much like these b&w/colour diptychs…helps too that the subjects are always so interesting.

  5. excellent pair of images cat. did you decide against the aminus3 blog?

  6. Wonderful symbolism! I thinks I will have a orange and resits the temptation of taking an apple from the tree there.

  7. I agree with Terry, great symbolism… I like apples too, not plastic though ;)

  8. Who would think a sex shop would go out of business? Sad times, indeed. But I think you made a brilliant pairing here, and also how you contrasted color and b&w, which is eloquent as well.
    Thanks also, by the way, for your thoughts on my blog about posting background information. Actually it is because you so often supply such entertaining and revealing commentary on the photos you show us that I was inspired to think more about how to present my own work. Thanks for your many inspirations.

  9. Thanks for your comments :)
    @ Andrew- yes, the stall holders all seem to compete about who has the nicest looking stall and the best milkshake combos.
    @ grant – I’m not sure yet, I didn’t decide for or against. WordPress has a lot of limitations, e.g. I can’t link to VFXY and the fixed width template is very bad for wide images.
    @Terry – I’d recommend a pomegranate juice, myself.
    @GJC – you’re welcome and thank you. I mistakenly answered grant’s question above about am3 on your blog, in case you’re wondering why I started talking about it in your comments.

  10. Such a wonderful contrast of store fronts. The Adam v’Chaya shop is – yes – too funny! Hard to resist the colors of all of those luscious fresh fruits at the juice shop.

  11. Great corner shots. They work very well together.

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