Persian Cyclamen

I don’t usually post a picture a day, and I don’t usually post flower pictures  but I want to post a small series showing the wild flowers that are blossoming right now around Israel. Just because they make me happy. And why not also in honour of Tu b’Shvat, the Jewish New Year for Trees. 

These are persian cyclamen, in Hebrew they are called רקפת מצויה (Rakefet Matzviya, which means “common cyclamen”). The picture was taken in the hills around Jerusalem, which you can see in the previous post, linked to here.


8 comments on “Persian Cyclamen”

  1. It’s a beautiful image – the cyclamens look like paper flames, rippling upwards with some light projected from beneath. Great colours, cat, and the dof is perfect.

  2. Beautiful and colorful. The colors are outstanding.
    I never knew they are originally called Persian… I guess you learn something new every day :)

  3. One of my favorite flowers and here they are mostly seen in shops in the winter. And yes, Ian had a wonderful observation that they look like flames. The photo reminds me of spring and it is nice to see your flowers especially at this time. By the way I always like how you match the background color to your photograph!

    • @ian – thank you, what a lovely metaphor.
      @ilan, I didn’t know that either, I’m clueless about nature. I found a great site all about Israeli flowers which lists all the different species with pictures and other information.
      @ daina – I had no idea these flowers were sold in shops! They do look lovely growing on the hillsides. And about the matching colour – I can’t take credit for it, it’s part of the WordPress template, but it is pretty cool and is one of the good things about the template.
      @ denis – merci beaucoup :)

  4. Such beautiful color. I don’t think cyclamen grow in the wild here..they are cultivated and sold in pots for indoor growing. I remember how everything comes to life in early spring…this is a wonderful reminder.

  5. lovely, and very welcome since we’re in the middle of winter.

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