kiosk tv

Kiosk on Ben Yehuda street. I used to come here on my break during my evening Ulpan classes, and  sometimes get an overpriced coffee. The kiosk has gone up in the world since then, and now boasts two flat screen TVs. The owner was very happy for me to photograph them, but this man got in the way as he wanted to buy cigarettes now. Which is very Israeli. Everyone yells, savlanut, salvanut, (patience, patience!) but nobody has any.


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  1. The man is not in the way at all. He makes the photo.

    Here we often have two televisions: one for football and one for the news.

    Except on Sunday early mornings when we have fierce creatures and Noddy.

    I like the photo.

  2. Agree with Jon about the man. Even his pose with the bent arm balances well with the rest of the frame. As to televisions at eateries, I’m of mixed minds. When I’m with others, they make it harder to pay attention to the conversation. When I’m alone, they prevent me from reading or thinking through what I need to think through…one of the many distractions of contemporary life, I guess. And these TVs are everywhere. Why?

    • Thanks for your comments :)

      I’m glad the man stepped in front of me, as it helped create a very Israeli moment!

      We don’t have a TV at home and I don’t like them in actual restaurants as people watch the screen rather than being social. But hanging out in a cafe drinking coffee and watching the football together is very social.

  3. I like this shot a lot Cat – the man balances the left side of the image wonderfully for in some strange way he matches the bit of awning. The two TV screens add a lot to the composition and the forms are nice compositional elements. As for the man – who knows what your image would have been without him. Theoretical what ifs I find useless in most cases. The photography gods put him there and it is a terrific shot. I had to smile at your description of cultural attitudes. It is one of the good and bad points I think of being from two or more cultures, because one is always accessing one from the other viewpoint depending on which one is current. That is not to say they are equal but there always is that point of reference.

  4. over-priced coffee paid for two flat screens…business must have been good!!

    nice candid shot, cat.

  5. nice picture, and an intresting observation about the TV’s.

  6. I don’t know why, but my tired (A VERY long day at work today…) mind saw a face, with those two lamps as eyes and the corner between the wall and the ceiling is mouth. Thus, actually making us the ones being watched by that face and the two people on TV :)

    Great pose of that middle aged ARS :)

  7. Good work.

    I think wanting cigarettes “now” is an international thing among people who smoke, though. Anyway I like that he’s in the frame. He’s overexposed but I like it that way.

  8. I don’t pay any attention to the TV’s. The sound is normally turned off and I’m looking around seeing what would make a good photograph, even if I don’t take my camera in with me. I like this shot!

  9. The man adds life to the image. I like the sense of proportion and balance. The TV’s seem a little odd in a small space such as this..but – as you said – such is the way of life! Love the b&w processing.

  10. thanks for being so nice about my url :) yeah totally agree that the guy makes the frame, maybe not if he didn’t have white hair and a black coat, but it makes the whole thing look cooler as is… i think it’s cool that you got this template out of, can you make it any wider in the stylesheet?? inquiring minds want to know lol

    • @ Elaine – thank you :)
      Yep, this is a free template. It’s fixed-width as you can see – which is a limitation if you have a photograph that’s wide and not tall as it posts it very small. I think that if you know how to edit CSS then you might be able to “break” the fixed width in the style sheet (as WordPress does let you edit it) but I have no idea how to edit CSS!

  11. Funny story, who does have patience these days? I think I would go crazy if I worked at a kiosk that didn’t have a TV, it could be boring. It is also probably a good way to get people to gather at a kiosk so it should be good for business.

  12. Well, this is a terrific photo and story about it. I am amazed that there are TWO televisions in such a tiny place — and the sound is on for both of them? Then the man jumping in front because he couldn’t wait, I like that, too, and it makes the photo even more of a glimpse into your world. As someone said above, the photography gods placed him there for a reason, and you took what they gave you: Always a good idea!

  13. interesting comment about TV, and the man is in his place in your frame.. ;) even you didn’t want him ;) Don’t you like surprise ? ;)

  14. Great character to this shot, cat. I don’t know, but the more I look at that obnoxious guy’s power stance (hands on hips) the more I believe that chap on the TV monitor is standing exactly the same way in the shadow – badgering that poor old lady for cigarettes too! It’s a very interesting shot! :)

  15. i think the guy works out well in the photo!

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