perspective is everything

I’m just having fun. I feel like doing something new – watch this space.

The picture of the enormous looking palm tree and the Neve Zedek tower was taken from almost next to the crumbling Bauhaus building with the pigeons.


19 comments on “perspective is everything”

  1. I would like to know more about the Bauhaus building.. like your dyptique.. even for fun.. ;)

  2. That’s why I love your blog – You are surprising. :)
    Seemingly, there is little in common between those photos, but then you realize they are showing places a few steps from one another.
    Tel-Aviv is a place of history without a doubt.
    Great frames here and I love how you present them.

    • תודה, אילן
      there are so many places in TA which are a mishmash of different styles, with people from all over the world, and yet it all fits together like the patterns on a kaleidoscope.

  3. i thought it was the prow of a ship the pigeons were on! surprise enough for me on a sunday :-)

  4. At first I thought the picture with the pigeons was a close up of the tower for they both seem to have a similar curve. I tend to look for similarities in combined images and not the differences and so it is the similarities that tend to imply the meaning for me. For example I might have thought of the curved ledge as a resting place for birds as similar to the curved front of the tower a “resting” place for people. But then your explanation revised that somewhat but did not erase it. :} I like the combination of a very simple image with a complex one and the juxtaposition alters ones perception of both.

    • thanks, daina – i look for similarities too as i like to find patterns. the tower is very new and the pigeon-building is very old.

  5. Excellent shots both. They don’t seem to go together, yet they do. Very cool. What do you mean by “watch this space”? Are you going to do something other than photoblog?

    • thanks dustin :)
      what i meant was… well, i’ve found a really cool-sounding photography course/ project here that i might take part in. it would involve working with lots of different equipment plus a project, which I would adore. In other words, lots of exploration and experimentation and shaking things up. :)

  6. Always good to push the try something new. Love the images..especially the one with the pigeons. And – the photography course/project sounds great. Am curious to hear and see more!!!

  7. I especially like the swooping line on the right-side photo.

  8. Did you stand below the pigeons? No I guess “almost” means you weren’t that brave, smart woman. I know pigeons are a hassle for areas that are flooded with them, but I have never seen one here in my home town so I wouldn’t mind if we gained a few. I really like the texture of the ledge the pigeons are on, and the way you have combined the two shots. Looks like you are having fun :)

  9. Nice, of the two my favorite is definitely the Bauhaus building – I love the crumbling white against the blue sky and the pigeons add another interesting element.

    Just discovered your site, I will be back later when I’m not falling asleep on my keyboard.

  10. An interesting departure, and very enjoyable.

    I look forward to some more.

  11. Very interesting. I have been watching this space for 15 minutes and I see nothing happening. Good One!! :)

  12. new is good :-)
    i like how these are paired-up and formatted.

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