rabin square

Rabin Square, central Tel Aviv. A great place to take photographs.

Named after Yitzhak Rabin z”l who was murdered here in 1995. There’s a memorial close by.


11 comments on “rabin square”

  1. This place will always carry weight. For me at least.
    I love the blurry effect here, maybe from tears?
    I love the black and white here, is it the drama that change our lives forever?

    You are always surprising. I love it.

  2. tremendously processed; this has the feel of a print that’s been hidden away in a dark cupboad for 50 years!!

  3. This actually gave me a post acopalyptic feel… or a picture from a dusty old film roll :) great processing.

  4. Beautiful processing. I also like the position the man in this is standing in. I’m not sure if he’s just walking, or is playing games with the lines on the grounds.

  5. The blurr gives it an other-worldly..moody feel. Love the drama you’ve created..and there’s no place better that deserves it than a monument to Itzak Rabin.

  6. Large public places can be such a treat for photography. Today it seems lonely to only have one person in such a large space. Nice image with stimulating processing.

  7. Love the composition and lines along with the single person in the large open area.

  8. Like a photograph rescued from somewhere – dark with overtones of loss and sadness. The processing gives it an ambiguity and roughness which increases its emotional impact.

  9. Excellent mood. It fits the location, I think. Rabin was a very good man. Too many good men have been cut down too early.

  10. very nice process.. and composition with light and shadows

    • Thanks for your comments.
      The Rabin memorial is modest but very moving, because there are always groups of people visiting there.

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