Shesh Besh

Two shop owners playing Shesh Besh (the Turkish form of backgammon, extremely popular here) on Nachalat Binyamin street, Tel Aviv.


14 comments on “Shesh Besh”

  1. That’s like a painting of Tel-Aviv in 1920’s or something :D
    I love the background here, look just like oil painting.

    I never learned to play shesh-besh…

    How do you make that “old” effect on the photo? If I might ask? :)

  2. WOW! The processing makes this look like it’s from another time and place…another century. Very painterly-like (is that a word??). Wonderful imagery!!!

  3. It gives a real feeling of being there.

  4. It does seem as if from another century and it has the effect of looking through those ancient photo viewers that looked like binoculars because of the slight overlap. In subject as well as in processing it is evocative of a past that we do not remember except from prints and books. It is remarkable Cat that you could produce this effect. A surprising and lovely image in many ways.

  5. perfect treatment for this photo. i love the feel of this.

  6. Excellent treatment, makes the shot something like an old painting.

  7. I really like the your style on this one. Makes the scene look so interesting!

    • Thanks for your comments :)
      I really appreciate them.

      @Ilan – it’s really simple, just a layer… (i can explain in more detail if that makes no sense).

  8. I want you to teach it by all means ; )

  9. The processing makes it look like a old movie stuck and shaking to get loose… really cool :)

  10. Backgammon, a game I could play for hours…. and still lose. Charming scene, love the processing. Looks like a scene from an old movie. Superb.

  11. A wondeful scene, but your procesing simply blows me away! Awesome

  12. very interesting street photograph.. it’s funny to see them playing in the middle of the street.. perhaps for me the process is a little bit too much

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