at the market

The regular weekend (Friday) farmers’ market in the Tel Aviv port. It’s very popular and has excellent fresh, seasonal (and organic) produce from kibbutzim and moshavim, and excellent specialist stuff like breads, tehina, beers, olive oil, honey, cheeses, za’atar…

If you live in the Merkaz, I’d recommend it.


10 comments on “at the market”

  1. Hey, I love TA port, but I never knew there was a market during Friday’s.. That’s so weird.
    The port is actually one of my favorite place for (photo)shots.
    I love the hustle and the almost “craziness” of action here.
    It made me smile, the fact that that lady on the right side is balanced by that orange basket on the left. Nicely composed :)
    (I’m sure she is flattered :D)

  2. Love this! One of my fondest memories of being in Israel was that of the experience of going to the markets on Frdays (erev Shabbat). Love how you’ve frozen all the noise and activity. In your photo you’ve captured not only the sights..but the sound and smell of the market as well.

  3. A great photo of a lively, and real, place.

    I’d far rather shop here than in a supermarket.

    Well done.

    • @Ilan – you should really go! It’s a lot of fun, and they have lots of great things to buy and browse.

      @Marcie – yes, they are fun…this place is very friendly as well, as every stall holder gives you free samples to taste. :)

      @Jon – I agree. I detest shopping malls and supermarkets with the light of a thousand burning suns and don’t go to them.

  4. What a fine scene, so lively and full of life. And it’s a nice complement to your “series” on different shops.

  5. The oranges in their contrasting green basket work so well at the center of this image and differing patterns of the shirts contribute to the hustle and bustle of a busy market place. I agree with GJC – it is a “nice compliment to your series” Splendid compostion!

  6. Lovely street shot, so full of contrasts and colors. Great.

  7. Fun to see such a lively and colorful place. I love these types of places.

  8. whenever i visit a new country-*99999+ (sorry, the cat walked over my laptop there!) i love to wander the markets; gives you a real feel of the country and the people. and above all i love the foods you can try there.

  9. great color and sense of movement, activity…

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