waiting for you at home

The top picture is a house in Neve Zedek close to the wall on which this poem is painted. The right hand chair has painted on it the words “Gilad Shalit, we’re waiting for you at home”. Gilad Schalit is the young soldier who was wounded and kidnapped in June 2006 from  Israel sovereign territory. He was kidnapped by Hamas. He was 21 years old when he was kidnapped. He is still being held somewhere by Hamas. His condition is unknown. There are banners all around Israel, on cars, houses, everywhere, with the same simple message: we’re waiting for you at home. More here. 

The bottom banner is graffiti using the same lettering and colours as the “Peace Now” (“Shalom Akhshav”)  slogan. It says “Shalit Now” (“Shalit Akhshav”).


13 comments on “waiting for you at home”

  1. Sad and touching story, but it’s inspiring to know there is such community support. I too will hope for his safe return. Very nice colors in the scene, it looks cozy and welcoming. Makes me feel like I could rest there and enjoy a conversation and be safe. Great image.

  2. Strong. And good. That’s where “we” are different from “them” (I really don’t want to go into politics) it’s that for “us” every soldier count. Every dead soldier is someone’s son, someone’s friend. We care.
    On the other “side” – they are praised for their death. They are promised a good place in heaven (or whatever) and money for the family.

    Sorry. I shouldn’t take this to “us” against “them”.
    I just want to see Gilad back with his family.

    Great photo. Important photo.

  3. I like your image Cat it has a lovely warm feeling to it.
    Every human being counts on whatever side and everyone suffers loss and pain. No one differs in this, and it is dangerous to think that they do as history has proven.

  4. another great one!
    telaviv has proven to be a great city for walking around with a camera

  5. these pictures feel very full of life.

  6. From the looks of things it does not look like anyone has sat in those chairs in some time. Interesting colors.

  7. a fine pairing of shots.

  8. So poignant.
    Must admit, at first I only read “Shalom Achshav.” Only after reading your text, did I go back and see it said “Shalit.” Funny how our eyes play tricks on us. Then again, Peace Now is an equally urgent and worthwhile message as Shalit Now. Well done!

  9. Nice shot, and certainly a nice gesture…

    withouth getting political here, every casualty of a war is someones mother, father, son daughter… relative or friend… regardless of the side they are on. Thats the cruelty of war, and there is always more loosers than winners.

    Well thats my take on it anyway.

  10. Such a wonderful…welcome..homey image. Powerful..beautiful…poignant story to accompany. He remains in all of our hopes and prayers…and that someday he will come home!!!

  11. Thank you for this. It is always important to be reminded of the human costs involved in all this. We tend to think of “Hamas” or “Isreal,” which are merely abstractions for the human lives behind them. Best of luck.

  12. fine two shots.. I lurn a lot about Israel with you .. always interesting

  13. i want to go to that house :-)

    really nice, cat.

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