Old is the New New

This is a composite of three different pictures of a second-hand shop on Florentine Street, Tel Aviv. (I’m sorry that WordPress has inevitably squashed it into a tiny width.)

The shop is run by a guy in approximately his mid 60s. He wouldn’t let me take his picture, on the grounds of shyness (which I’m very sad about) but he said I could photograph his shop. (The shop sells everything from teapots to hip retro clothing including 1950s unused bras.) There is a rival shop a few doors down.

In the left hand picture you can see bits of leather stuck to a door – it’s a closet-sized sandler’s (shoe repair) shop run by a guy who is at least 80. There is a rival shop a few doors down.

In Israel, there’s always a rival shop a few doors down.


14 comments on “Old is the New New”

  1. Great shops!
    And great pics.

  2. Too bad about the ol’ guy who wouldn’t let you photograph him. But his shop does a fine job of portraying him. Super interesting composite and writing. Love the graffiti of the (not very old) fellow. I’m sure there’s rival graffiti a few storefronts down. :)

  3. Lovely triptych Cat! I love how it seems to “bend” and how it has various depths. In the left image the black doorway could have no end, in the middle – one sees only up to the counter and in the last image one can’t go past the window and its reflections.

  4. a fabulous triptych; i love the bra head in the right hand frame!!

  5. great pictures, and such a great place. i want to go there!

  6. That’s funny. They even look the same. :)
    I always wondered how these little shops succeeded / survive. I never saw anyone buying there.
    Another great peace of Tel-Aviv’s soul :)

  7. I’m left to wonder why a woman would want a bra from the 1950’s? Have they not made substantial progress in underwear technology since then?

    Great shot. The places you photograph have a lot of character.

  8. Yes the floating bra head would make me want to go there and check out that shop.

  9. Great shots, I like shops that have everything in it, its fun to go looking for all the waird stuff one can find there… antiques and what not.

  10. Thanks for your comments…

    I’ve really no idea why someone would want a bra from the Fifties. They look unnecessarily like a harness to me. I assume this is a niche fashion amongst the hip elite and I should start my own business selling hand-made 18th century men’s pantaloons.

  11. cat.
    after doing a quick google search of those male items you refer to I think i’d rather go comando! ;-)

    as for the statement on the “vintage bra” there is a very strange sub culture out there…… Another google search……;-)
    keep posting your pics of Tel aviv you might just get me to post mine….

  12. Really interesting composition and composite of all that’s happening in this one small shop. Amazing to me how many different things he sells there!!!

  13. Photos très intéressantes. Les commentaires le sont également.

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