Jewels and Rings

This is a jewellery shop on the northern part of Dizengoff street. (The Hebrew says “Jewellery and Rings”.)  It stood out because of this picture of an older woman’s hands. I think it advertises the jewellery far more effectively than a Photoshopped-to-impossible-blandness generic picture of a young woman’s hand could. 

These hands stand for a unique woman who probably has something interesting to say about herself and her life. On the other hand (ha!), a generic, digitally smoothed young hand says, I’m so inhumanly flawless I’ve disappeared into banality. 

On the topic of digitally enhancing pictures of people, here’s a link to a New Yorker article explaining how and why a “top Photoshopper” does this.


14 comments on “Jewels and Rings”

  1. It always surprised me that cosmetics companies selling anti wrinkle cream were using younger models.

    Nowadays they seem to have changed too.

  2. Well, they market the anti-wrinkle creams to younger women with the concept that ‘if you start young, you won’t get wrinkles’. Ha ha.

    I saw an advert for “time defying” cream with a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker (I think she’s in her early 40s) who has quite a distinctive face, but she’d been photoshopped into a blurry mush with eyes.

    I guess the idea was to make people believe using the face cream is like using Gaussian Blur in Photoshop.

  3. NIce find! The reflection is very effective and the colors a great too.

  4. There is much here: first I am impressed by the advertising campaign. I agree that it’s a powerful and effective one. Second, I really like your image. There is the hand posed above someone (at a bus stop?) and then a face (another ad?) smiling out from under. What do all these mean, I am left to ponder. Then the reflections across the way — there are so many dimensions here to keep the eye moving. Finally, I appreciated the link to the essay. I remember reading it when it came out and I’m glad you reminded me of it. I always appreciate the amount of thought you put into the craft.

  5. The colors of this are rich and the layering (as a result of reflections) also makes it multi dimensional. I like that one does not immediately realize it is a reflection and instead appears to be a collage. The photographic convention of window reflections (especially prevalent on European blogs) has become a cliché in which one is supposed to spot all sorts of associations and imbue them with deep meaning. The cleverness wears thin after a while. Those pretensions are a pet peeve of mine. Yours however has none of that and is direct and visually rich. About hands – mine are old :} and I don’t wear jewelry any longer because it actually brings attention to the aged look just like makeup on an old wrinkled face makes it appear older and sadder. But the add works so well I think because it calls attention to itself by being different and also implies that jewelry lasts a lifetime.

  6. Sorry I meant ad as in advert not add :}

  7. really clever shot.

  8. There are so many things to say about this one, I find it hard to begin :D
    The many layers, the contrast between our expectation when we see the ad, and the fact that those hands seems to come from above to pick you up, in a kind of symbolic/spiritual way.

    Amazing work here. I’m not a big fan of window reflection photography cause these photos tend to be quite the same. Cliche… But here.. Two thumbs up :)

  9. It’s quite beautiful. I like the image in the advertisement and that’s not something you’ll hear me say very often. It’s a touching shot. But you pulled back and put it back into a commercial context. It’s just another ploy for the money in our pocket. Or at least that’s how I interpret it.

  10. Great shot, the aging hand with a single ring is a great ad… as for the resdt of the pic, I really like reflections… and this has some nice ones. :)

  11. i love the naturally created layers here.

  12. There’s truth..honestly…and dignity in the aging hands. I suppose it could be interpreted that a ring can last a lifetime..whereas youth is fleeting. Love the reflections..and especially how you’ve captured yourself in the image!

  13. I love this image and I couldn’t agree with your comments more. The age of this person to me says love can stand the test of time. I am pleased that an advertiser has chosen this image. In the normal advertising pursuit of youth and thinness we have insured that the majority of the world population doesn’t count. This add shows you don’t have to meet the perfect criteria, to be perfect :)

  14. Lovely shot – hands say so much about a person.

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