Those aubergines are really cute

Fresh juice stalls are extremely popular here. On a lot of Tel Aviv streets you can usually find lots of them, ranging from posh ones that offer shakes with milk or “health juices” with wheatgrass, to more basic ones that squeeze the juice manually. There’s nothing like a freshly squeezed pomegranate juice on a hot day. Or on any day.

This is one of many juice stalls on Dizengoff Street, a main shopping street that runs from South to North Tel Aviv. It stood out for me because of the smiley faces painted on the aubergines (that’s eggplants to Americans) and the Bamba Baby holding a carrot. I said to the guy, hey, those aubergines are really cute, please can I take a picture? And he said, yes of course – but moved out of the way. So I told him, you can be in the picture too, if you want.

So here he is – he was a bit shy. I thanked him, and he replied with, be healthy! 

Be healthy!


14 comments on “Those aubergines are really cute”

  1. Just the sort of photo I love.

    Real life.

    And aren’t people ‘helpful’ when you find your location with an actor and props and then the actor steps ‘out of the way’?

    Happens to me all the time.

    I want them in the photo.

  2. I like this; a nice addition to this little “series.” But you didn’t mention the smiling orange (I think?) sitting on the cups. That’s pretty cute, too.
    I always appreciate your writing as well as your photographs. It’s very intersting to me.

  3. It’s the Baby Bamba that makes it for me. Wonderful colors…and it does look so fresh and ‘healthy’.
    La’briut?!?!? Am I saying it right?!?!? Is that what he said?!?!?!

  4. Yes, what Marcie said! The baby in a pairing with the owner make this a very charming photo. The baby bamba seems to speak for him. It identifies him as a friendly guy with a sense of humor. It was probably more comfortable to take a picture of this fellow than the shy one. And the whole store seems so vibrant. Be healthy!

  5. What a happy place that the fruit is smiling as well. Are those cigarettes on the shelf in the back?

  6. Fun and coloful portrait. Agree with above. I bet that eggplant is smiling because it escaped baba ghanouj.

  7. thanks for your comments :)
    Or תודה רבה
    Terry, well spotted, yes they probably are cigarettes – they are extremely cheap here which unfortunately is probably is why so many people smoke. Doesn’t go with the healthy theme, does it??
    Mindy – that’s one of my favourite foods – I’ve developed a killer recipe for it…great with warmed pittas…those aubergines won’t be safe for long.

  8. I think I’ll pass on going to Tel-Aviv myself. Through my lens, TA doesn’t look so good. Or nostalgic. There is some innocence in your photo that from some reason I’m unable to see when I walk the same streets as you.
    It makes me sad, but at least I can smile with those aubergines there :)

  9. Now that’s some vivid color! Yet the shopkeeper’s skin tone is pretty neutral. I like his odd grin.

  10. Excellent street shot, so full of vibrant colors and healthy food (except the cigarettes ;)), and a shy guy in the middle.

    Be healthy :)

  11. Thanks for your comments…

    Ilan, aren’t you a TA resident too? I think this city is great, it has such a unique energy and sense of itself, so different from anywhere else. A totally different feeling than you get in Jerusalem, for example.

    613 – thanks, and it’s a good job the juice guy’s skin isn’t orange or he’d look like an Oompah-Loompah like I did when I was 13 and used one of those fake tanning lotions.

    Ivar – thanks! There are loads of these places and they all manage to stay in business…and the fruit is home-grown too.

  12. Hmm.. No. I don’t live in TA, but I get there a lot. And I work pretty close – in Ramat Gan :)

  13. a great, colorful photo – and such a better response than earlier…

  14. A real blast of colour and a rather charming portrait into the bargain!

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