snack factory

This is the storefront of a tiny factory on Shabazi Street in Neve Zedek, South Tel Aviv. The factory makes kosher salted wheat snacks that are sold to bars and restaurants. We walked past many times and wondered what on earth they were making — so one day we had to ask.  They sold us a packet to try out. Although many new and fancy-schmancy restaurants, bars, boutiques, and even a boutique hotel have opened on this street, the factory has been there for years and years and hasn’t changed. It’s next door to another old place, a store selling handmade Judaica.

When I asked this man whether I could take his photograph, he was more than happy and even carried on with his work.


9 comments on “snack factory”

  1. Wonderful environmental portrait. Love the thought of this being nestled between the higher-end boutiquey type places.

  2. A great photo.

    I too see people in stores with no immediately apparent purpose.

    And find out they’re selling bread, even though there is no a single piece of bread on view, nor no sign outside.

  3. A very fine series Cat! Love how he is framed by the slightly askew calendar and the shape of it continues with his apron. I like your b/w processing too for the whole seems to gleam. You ask permission and are considerate whereas I just take the photo. It probably takes more courage to ask than to risk a confrontation. But then it might be my age I don’t take the time for niceties anymore or care much what anyone thinks – it embarrasses my children : }

  4. i really like these casual everyday portraits; nice to think you’re recording them for posterity too.

    what is/are judaica, btw?

  5. Interesting that they make them in the front of the store and not in the back. Too bad they made you buy a packet and did not give you a free sample. Wonderful shot!

  6. Thanks for the comments :)

    Marcie – there are a few places that are still going despite the fast pace of gentrification in Neve Zedek. Even though I’m glad this area is not a slum anymore, it’s got to the stage where I feel sad when an old place closes down – there are enough boutiques and bars now.

    Jon – owner -run, no-brand shops are the best shops. Near my house there are two ancient shops that just sell all different kinds of brushes.

    Daina – you raise an interesting point actually because in the past I’ve been too shy to ask people whether I can photograph them. If it’s going to be obvious that I’m taking someone’s picture, I started to ask them and usually they are OK with it. Some of the older people in particular are proud of their businesses and think it’s cool.

    David – thanks, and yes things are changing in this part of town very fast so it’s nice to record the old….and Judaica usually means items that people buy for religion-related purposes, like candlesticks for Shabbat candles, or a Mezuzah (that’s the small, decorated thing that Jewish people put on the doorpost of their house), or a special decorated plate for Passover – some shops sell really posh, decorated ones that people buy as gifts.

    Terry – they have a sort of tiny factory with a mixing and cooking machine next door, but it is open too so you can see it. It’s cute. :)

  7. Very well captured, with this impression of movement around the point of focus. Cheers and See you soon!

  8. i can’t tell you how much i like these photos of people with their unique businesses. i agree with you that “owner-run, no-brand shops are the best shops.” the personality of the owners and the feel and look of the places seem to merge. you do a wonderful job of capturing this.

  9. Very cool shot. Love the spontaneity of it. The blown highlights on the counter are great. Sometimes I and many others ruin those little things. Good eye for keeping that.

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