the shy fruit seller

Fruit seller, Frenkel Street, Florentine.

He’s been here years, too – possibly as long as the sandwich makers.

When I first asked him whether I could take his picture, he refused – but he said I could take a picture of his shop. Then he relented to being photographed, as long as I bought a freshly squeezed orange and apple juice. So this photo cost 10 shekels, but I did have a delicious juice into the bargain.

One day last summer, I walked past this shop very early in the morning just as the day’s fruit was being delivered from the kibbutz. Special that day was cherries. I got an enormous box of fresh, delicious cherries for an incredibly cheap price.


9 comments on “the shy fruit seller”

  1. It’s as if he’s avoiding looking directy at you and into your camera. Love the image of him surrounded by his fresh fruits and wares. The colors are wonderful!!!

  2. He is framed so well by the colorful fruit and the signs above – they encircle him. And one can see the difference between the reticent fruit seller and the gregarious sandwich maker who has photos on the walls and looks right into the camera. Must be nice to have these very personal / individualistic stores to shop in.

  3. I must say, he does look kinda shy!

  4. nice shot, but i would have demanded eye-contact for my money :-)

  5. seems like a very good deal. i love the colors and the signs.

  6. To me he looks like he’s arguing with somebody. I like what you did with the edges of the frame, too.

  7. Such an intriguing contrast to the previous shop. I enjoyed reading your story.

  8. Great image! I enjoy this line of local vendor images, they give us a great comparison to our own local area. Small, privately owned fruit stands add to the local color and flavor. He does look very reluctant, you have done a great job of capturing his shy, timid behaviors.

  9. :) 10 shekels seems pretty cheap for such great photo.
    But this is where you have an edge – As a guy/man, when I ask people for permission, most of the time they refuse and ran away.
    Although, I must admit, I do look a bit intimidating :)

    Great photo, the story only adds to it magic

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