Sandwich Shop

This is a sandwich shop on Frenkel Street, Florentin. It doesn’t have a name. It’s been there for decades and is run by this couple, who live nearby. They say they’ve seen the area go through many changes. The wife serves the customers and the husband helps make the sandwiches. When it’s not busy, they read the newspaper. There are lots of businesses like this in Florentin.

I’ve wanted to take a picture of this sandwich shop for ages. They were delighted to be asked. A couple of people were buying sandwiches and gossiping and in typical Israeli fashion they joined in the discussion, telling me that the sandwich shop gets photographed a lot. You can see a couple of pictures in the shop itself.


18 comments on “Sandwich Shop”

  1. Yes, you can tell, she’s enjoying this. I particularly like that the photo of the couple appears in the frame. He is wearing the same hat. Sweet portrait.

  2. I love these kinds of places that are businesses of the ‘heart and soul’..if you know what I mean. She looks very proud that this is hers. Excellent ‘environmental’ portrait!

  3. A portrait that speaks not only of the person, but of their way of life as well. It is beautifully composed and every element adds to the reading of it. Wonderful!!

  4. This picture is full of life or pehaps of “a life” ! I really like the way the picture on the wall mirror the two people in the frame.

    BTW: happy new year cat !

  5. I used to frequent a place like this called Itzik ve-ruti, or something like that, an old sandwich nook on sheinken. They had the most amazing eggplant salad.

    How are you holding up?


  6. Cat, you something something :)
    What a great photo. I can almost “sense” the warm, loving feeling this couple spread in their shop. The portrait is great, and portrait at the background makes this whole photo to something more- Of something really frozen in time.
    Great stuff.

  7. i love the intimacy of this. (i think this is what it would look like if i owned a shop – full of everything… to hell with efficiency!)

  8. Its great that they still have mom and pop shops there. Here in the US most of them get put out of business from the large franchises chains. Wonderful portrait.

  9. this is a lovely natural portrait; terrific stuff, cat!

  10. I love this sort of shop.

    And this sort of photo too.

  11. What makes this image touching to me is the spirit this couple must have. To be such an active part of the community, serving the locals for years, sharing in peoples lives, and bringing many smiles to the faces of those who enter the shop. No doubt they love what they do, and the people that visit them. So, they are beautiful to me. I love their photo in the background. I am glad you have honored them in this way. By the way…. I’ll have a corned beef on rye :)

    • Thanks, everyone, for your comments :) I really appreciate that you took the time to look and comment…
      One of the things I didn’t like about London was the lack of the sense of a neighbourhood in any of the places I lived there – because all the local places had been replaced over time by bland corporate outlets…I’m glad it’s different here.

  12. Lovely photo! i like the picture hanging from the left, and it is working really well that you did not shoot them together but rather the old man is working in the back. Its like you did not need to type anything for me to guess the story behind the image.

  13. very interesting photograph on the way of your life.. she looks like so happy to do that job with her husband..
    I wish you an happy new year, for you ands yours..

  14. Nice (double) portrait, very interesting the expression on her face and the objects around. Regards.

    • Thanks for the comments :)
      I’m glad the picture speaks for itself. And yes, this lady always seems happy to be there, doing her job.

  15. It is a charming portrait, Yael. She has a beautiful face.

  16. What a striking, lovely, lovely portrait. I really like the dignity and pride. Nice work!

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