Patches, the climbing cat

Meet Patches, the climbing cat, having an afternoon nap in the tree in my street. 

Here’s another picture of him, in the summer.

At least, Patches is the name we gave him. He’s not our cat. He’s not anybody’s cat. And he’s not tame  – he’s one of the local feral cat colony. He’s lived here at least 2 years. I don’t know how old he is. In the summer, he climbs vertically up a building to sit on a tiny ledge under an air conditioner vent. In winter, he climbs up this tree. He also likes to sleep on top of parked cars.

The local ferals get looked after by people who bring them food and water a couple of times a day. There’s one feral colony that even gets groomed every day.

Edit: Things are unusually quiet here, even in Tel Aviv. We can all feel the tension and everybody knows someone directly affected by the war. Thousands of reservists are called up so a huge amount of families have loved ones in danger.  One eighth of the population of Israel is under direct fire. I wanted to post a peaceful picture but I don’t think anyone’s mind is too far away from the war.


8 comments on “Patches, the climbing cat”

  1. So nice to hear that people take time out of their lives and days to look after the ‘wild’ cats. Love how you captured this guy so high up on his perch. Must be quite a climber!!!

  2. Seems like being “feral” there is just a relative term! Wouldn’t we all like to be that feral! :)

  3. What strikes me is that if this image were in b/w we would not be able to pick out the cat at all. It reminds me of those children’s puzzles where you have to find different things hidden within the picture. And I like how everything seems to swirl around the cat. In NYC you can also see people feeding cats, squirrels, pigeons etc. on a regular basis. It is as if a human network exists that takes care, in some way, of the “homeless” animal city dwellers.

  4. i like this and the summer picture. he seems to fit perfectly in that tree.

  5. When I was in Israel a year and a half ago, I noticed cats were all over the place. Also noticed they were considerably skinnier than our American counterparts. I hope that like Patches, they all have someone to care for them.

  6. Thanks for the comments :)
    Yes, there are a lot of feral cats in Israel and there are a lot of kind people who look after them. Looking after them ranges from feeding them regularly, giving them a warm place to sleep in winter, to trapping them to be spayed and neutered. Others rescue kittens and rehome them.
    Our pet cat is a rescued feral. She was found in the road as a tiny kitten by a lady who thought she had been hit by a car. She hadn’t – she was just malnourished and sick. Now she’s as healthy as can be – she was born to be tame :)
    Sadly, a large proportion of street cats have AIDS or FeLV.

  7. Does not look like a comfy place to sleep but I guess a save one.

  8. The life of a feral cat doesn’t look so bad now. He looks comfortable and definitely well fed :) This athletic cat has got it made. Makes me feel sad for the war weary cats, the sound of shells falling must frighten them beyond imagination. Take care of patches. Both photos are great.

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