Rocket fire

By: cat

Jan 01 2009

Category: Israel


The images above are real Kassam rockets that exploded in homes, playgrounds, schools in the town of Sderot in Southern Israel. This was an exhibition on Rothschild Boulevard to show us in Tel Aviv what people in Sderot and around had to endure on a daily basis.

This was in 2006. 

Even before the cease fire ended a few months ago, as many as 70 military grade rockets  – like Katyushas and Kassams – fell every day on Southern Israeli communities. People were killed, injured, maimed, their houses wrecked. Communities paralysed. 

Yesterday more than 60 rockets hit us. Just now, five hit as far as Beer Sheva.

These are being launched by Hamas. Every day. For months. In Southern towns, people fear for their lives. Right now. Today. Every day.

Schools are closed. People are forced out of their homes. 

For those that stay, when the air raid siren sounds (and it sounds frequently) they have just 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter. That’s longer than it took you to read this post.

But this is not reported in the Western press. Why?

NB: That’s why even though I don’t write about politics here and don’t intend to do so in the future – I’m writing about this, on this occasion.

Because I can’t not.


18 comments on “Rocket fire”

  1. Powerful images..and important that we all see. Thanks for those and your powerful words that accompany. This is an occasion that definitely merits your writing about.
    All the best this up and coming new year!!!!

  2. We are getting these reports in Australia. Shocking and extremely confronting. I wish you all the best.

  3. It’s being heavily reported in the United States, of that I can assure you.

    If you and I were to sit down and have a conversation about this, there would be many points of agreement as well as some disagreement. For example, I believe that both sides are responsible for the underlying tension that has been going on for decades and decades now. However, in the case of Hamas, it’s nothing but counterproductive to launch these rockets randomly like that. They’re not accurate. They don’t know if they’re going to hit a military checkpoint, a school full of children, or nothing at all. I liken it to the Germans using the V2 rockets in the latter part of WWII. It’s a terror weapon.

    It’s a complicated mess, to say the least. I hope some kind of ceasefire is negotiated soon and that both sides will honor it.

  4. Hope 2009 brings an end to this craziness. For some powerful photos, check out

  5. Cat – I wish you an abundance of peace and creativity in the New Year!

  6. Thanks for the photojournalistic images. I have closely followed the situation and I am a very strong supporter of Israel’s right to defend itself. I fear for your future. Even though your governments determination is strong, the rest of the world is often shallow-minded, short-sighted, and may never understand how difficult life there may be. You and your countrymen are in my thoughts & prayers. I hope for victory on your behalf, and soon an end to the senseless attacks on your country.

  7. Y think the same as some comments, you are doing a great photojournalist work, very impressive. Cheers.

  8. these are powerful images – making clear who really suffers from such violence.

  9. Thanks for putting these images up. It’s an enormously complex problem, moreso when you’re actually living there. Please stay safe, and never hesitate to speak your mind. We don’t have to agree but we can always learn.

  10. I very much like your post. I think you describe the situation very accurately. As a blogger in Israel, I feel like you that it is impossible not to speak about this

  11. Bad times here in Israel. Today, me and my wife took her mother from the airport to her house in Ashdod and we were worried all the time what will happen if there is an alarm during the time we are in the car in the middle of road… and the people from Sderot live like this all the time for the past 7 years – its just insane! I hope you and all the people from the south have a good and quiet year. Avi.

  12. Sad and so stupid that human beings act the way they do.

  13. The conflict is being very widely reported, although the visuals are not as good as yours.

  14. Thank you for posting that. Although I live in center, I also trying to find a way to support our troops and citizens in the south. You doing it in the best way we can. Thanks.

    • Thank you all for your comments, and thank you for reading.
      I honestly appreciate that.
      I wanted to add one thing, to make it clear – whilst I know that the conflict is being reported abroad, what I have read of a LOT of the coverage shocked me not just because of its one-sidedness, or because of its bias against Israel. I’m used to that. (Although let’s be honest here — you never get used to it. Not really. And why should I get used to it?). Mostly because what I saw was either blatantly untrue AND/OR left out so much as to make it so twisted that it was untrue. I’m used to the BBC writing things that are untrue. I’m used to the Guardian writing things that are twisted and untrue. And so on. And so on.
      It angers me because this is willful ignorance, based on what it’s “fashionable” to believe, not based on facts.
      This leads to hatred and more willful ignorance.
      Which doesn’t help anybody.
      On either side.

  15. it’s just a shame to me that there’s not a solution to this. if israel and palestine somehow found peace then i’m sure a lot of the resultant problems in the rest of the middle east would wither on the vine.

    all i can do is wish you a happy (and peaceful) new year.

  16. […] sur des sujets artistiques et ignorer la réalité. … Il semble que beaucoup d’autres blogueurs israéliens ont abordé ce sujet cette semaine. Alors aujourd’hui, j’ai décidé […]

  17. the one on the right is beautiful . the contradiction of colours is fantastic

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