winter leaves

Leaves on winter trees in a neighbourhood with many green spaces, North Tel Aviv. There are almost no green spaces in the south of the city.


12 comments on “winter leaves”

  1. Love your point-of-view and simple b&w processing. They look like beautiful ‘winter’ leaves.

  2. Interesting choice to talk of colors in a B&W image. I like the impression of fertility and life throughout the colorless space.

  3. Like the atmosphere of the image and the details. well done.

  4. A beautiful, graceful pattern – lovely…

  5. I forget what you call it…photogram? Where you put something on the photo paper under the enlarger, with or without a negative. That’s what it reminds me of.

    Great work.

  6. Looks like Mimosa – lovely

  7. i was trying to think of the word too – photogram. it does have that look. i really like this.

  8. Thanks for your comments :)

    It came out slightly darker than I expected – I’m not used to light levels that are less than full-on blazing sunlight – but I liked it.

    And I think it is a mimosa tree, they have very beautifully coloured flowers at other times of year.

  9. It Looks so delicate. מקסים!

  10. I thought it looked like a mimosa tree. I have one in my backyard but it has no leafs at this time. I love the pattern of the leafs on these tree and have taken a few photos of this subject myself. Mine were color but I love your shot in black and white.

  11. Lovely pattern. Would make a beautiful fabric print.

  12. Thanks for your comments :)

    Trees lose their leaves far later here – if at all – we don’t really have an autumn season at all, it just stops being extremely hot and starts being a bit rainy and a bit windy.

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