Food glorious food

Food stalls at the Dizengoff Centre shopping mall on Friday morning. The weekend in Israel is Friday-Saturday. Most shops close around 4 pm on Friday in time for the Shabbat. So Friday mornings and early afternoons are very busy shopping times.

In the Dizengoff Centre (and other malls, too) it’s a ‘tradition’ to have lots of different food stalls on Fridays. The stalls are not there at other times of the week. You can get home-made sushi, pastries, Russian food, Chinese food, baked potatoes, fresh juices, Dutch pancakes, Arab sweets, and two of my personal favourites: vegetarian chamin/ cholent (a traditional Shabbat food – not usually vegetarian) cooked in the Sephardic style with eggs; and Druze pittas (large, thin breads cooked in the Druze style and eaten with hummus or labaneh, a spice called za’atar, lemon and olive oil).


13 comments on “Food glorious food”

  1. Yes…I remember shopping in the markets on erev Shabbat. So full of activity and life…and tantalizing smells and tastes. Love your point of view. The colors are just great!!!

  2. Terrific bird’s eye view of the colorful food and terrific framing giving one a sense of movement and action. What is chamin/cholent? Israel sounds like an ideal place for food lovers with so many marvelous choices.

    • Thanks, daina :) It was still early so there weren’t many people, later in the day this place is packed…

      Cholent/ Chamin are the same dish (basically) – it’s a very old, traditional Jewish dish made from different types of beans and usually meat (chicken or beef). It came about because observant Jews don’t light a fire on the Shabbat, so they lit the fire to cooked this dish before sundown Friday, and left it to cook on a very low heat, overnight.

      Recipes here:

  3. sound delicious. i like your angle here, and the enormous 3D letters!

  4. Superb food ;)
    Great frame, I love the colorful, vivid and full of energy moment here.
    Made me a bit hungry actually…

  5. Beautiful colors and the angle really entices the eye to look back and forth. Very stimulating image!

  6. Great shot of all that wonderful looking food. Looks like a lot of work to prepare all of it. You think you could Fedex me some of the stuff in those huge pots. :)

  7. Those pittas with humous sound very nice indeed.

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