tai chi on the beach

In the early mornings, there’s usually a small group of people doing tai chi right at the water’s edge on this south Tel Aviv beach. They’re usually a pretty assorted bunch, of all ages, men and women. The leader always smiles at me when I run past. This morning it was very windy, the waves were crashing and they weren’t there – running at the water’s edge meant being ankle deep in wet sand and I had to take my shoes off and run barefoot.

I like the view to old Jaffa in the background.


10 comments on “tai chi on the beach”

  1. I’ve seen people doing tai chi there on this very beach. Am envious that you get to run there every morning. Must be so beautiful!!!! Wonderful sense of timelessness to this image.

  2. Agree with Marcie, there is really a timeless quality to this photo! and it is beautiful as always. hag sameach :)

  3. Beautiful shot. Like the softness.

  4. If I’m near a beach early in the morning I normally do the Cotton Eye Joe dance followed by the Funky Chicken in my cowboy boots and speedo. :)

  5. Without your description it would be difficult to guess what the people are doing and that is what makes it interesting because the poses are so unusual and I had to smile at Terry’s comment. I find it sort of nice that we all find out about each other in little drips and drabs and little snippets of info. So you run on the beach and I now I can imagine you running past these people daily. How very different all our lives are…

  6. Thanks for your comments :)

    Marcie, how cool that you also saw the tai chi! And you’re right, it is beautiful…you should plan a vacation here sometime, then you can enjoy the sights again :)

    Sarah, thanks and I hope you’re having a wonderful Chanukah (and are not flooded by the crazy storms…).

    613 – thank you :)

    Terry – from a Texan, I would expect nothing less, and I hope you have a proper cowboy hat as well.

    daina – yep, at first I thought they were doing the conga or something (I wouldn’t be surprised – there are all kinds of eccentrics here, there’s a man who stands on his head for hours every day). And yes, I love being outside and I love the sea, so it’s a good combination.

  7. seems like a perfect setting. i like the photo!

  8. Wonderful processing on this shot. Paceful moment. Cheers.

  9. I’ve never been much of a runner, but I have tried running in the sand a few times. It’s really difficult and almost painful, but it’s great exercise no doubt. The view of the distant city is nice :)

  10. What a beautiful setting. Wonderful scenery, and of course great moment of relaxation on the beach.
    Happy Holidays and Happy 2009!

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