your name rolls around on my tongue

Early morning, December sun, a poem painted onto a wall in Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv.


your name rolls around on my tongue

is swallowed in my throat

and flows through the stream

of my blood

quivers in my soul 

pounds my heart

spins threads of gold

in my dreams 

whispers in my sleep

and dances 

my body


12 comments on “your name rolls around on my tongue”

  1. Sat here for a moment..trying to do the translation myself. Am so glad you did it for me! Beautiful words..a beautiful poem. It sounds like a memorial or tribute to a lost love. And – I love how you’ve framed this..and captured just a tiny hint of yourself in the image. Powerful post!

  2. On the left of the text, there are patches of grey stuff layed over the white paint. To me they seem to take the faint shape of a human body. Do I see ghosts everywhere? :-)

  3. i like the poem and the fact it’s not just another run of the mill graffiti…

  4. the poem on this white light as a drawn makes the meaning to the picture

  5. superb.

    like the bit of self-portrait as well :-)

  6. A poem isn’t that lovely.Sounds like someone had an errotic dream to me. :)

  7. Have to agree with Terry they are very sensual erotic words worthy of a passionate person consumed by desire :} Since I cannot read Hebrew the words are more like a design rather than writing and the shapes dance and weave in concordance with the meaning/translation you have given us. Your image of this poem is very fitting and lovely. For some reason Lawrence Durrell came to mind…

  8. i see the figure too, but also wonder if i’m seeing things. i like the poem, but especially the first line. great find and photo.

  9. Great words and like David says, not just another bunch of graffiti! As always, great.

  10. You definitely don’t see graffiti like this in Dallas. In Austin sometimes, but not here. It’s all hateful, gang related stuff. This shot is very refreshing to see.

    I really like that patch of blue coming through the palm tree, as well as the “figure” people are talking about.

  11. Thanks for the comments :)
    I can see the “figure” as well, I thought about it when I took the picture.

    I don’t know whether it is “graffiti” exactly, because I have the feeling the person living in the house is an artist and painted it there. It’s an area with lots of artists and a history of artists living there.

    I don’t like graffiti that’s just scrawled on other people’s property. We do have a lot of it in Tel Aviv but very, very rarely is it offensive – when it is, it gets removed FAST by city hall or by locals who paint over it.

  12. Very good image in deed. The shadow paints a lot of mood there

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