view from mt shaul, gilboa

View from Mt Shaul in the Gilboa mountains.

(Link to a map given above!)

This is a view from the Gilboa Mountains (Shaul Ridge) over the Jezreel Valley in the North of Israel. The Valley is where King Shaul fought the Philistines. Now it’s a fish farm. It’s close to the Beit Shean and Afula. The Scenic Route used to be known as the Patrol Route prior to ’48. 

If you’re in Israel and haven’t been here already: There’s an excellent National Park at the foot of the hills called Gan HaShlosha (The Garden of The Three) which features a huge natural pool that is 28 degrees Celsius all year round.

Also recommended – the Herb Farm on Mount Gilboa restaurant, which has excellent views and serves up delicious home made food. (Open on Shabbat!), site at


12 comments on “view from mt shaul, gilboa”

  1. The panorama and colors of the landscape are absolutely stunning. Where is Mt. Shaul??? I’m lost….

  2. Marcie, thanks – and I’ve added more information about the location above… :)

  3. A beautiful scene, this splashes of green bring it to life.

  4. thanks, tk – i’m having a “no photoshop, set all controls to manual” phase.

  5. I like the change to no photoshop for a change. Your photographs are really making me want to visit Israel someday. Beautiful shot!

  6. beautiful photo cat!

  7. Israel is for certainly on my visit list :). your photo is another good motif. i must confess that i would have liked more vivid colors, but even so, it has a certain mystique air. congrats

  8. the sort of vista i imagined would be the case; the spalshes of green though bringing it to life quite unexpectedly!

  9. Love the view of the distant hills between the large sky with one sliver of a cloud and the land in wonderful ribbons of color. Beautifully done Cat!

  10. I like much the sweet appearance that offer these hot and soft colors. The mist that floats on the horizon makes it fantastic. Cheers.

    PD. the shot you asked for, was not an HDR.

  11. I love this. Most of the time I bet landscape photographers wish for a crystal clear sky, but the haze or whatever that is really lends a lot of mood to this photo.

  12. Thanks for your comments :)

    Terry, thanks – and I’m sure you would really have a great time in Israel, for such a tiny country there’s a huge amount to see and do, the weather is great, the food is awesome and most people speak English so you can communicate easily… :) (And I feel safer here than in London as crime is low…)

    grant, thank you :)

    romimne – thanks and you should visit Israel, it’s beautiful.

    david, thank you – the green is because of farming in the valley, it’s such a small country but we grow an incredible amount of fruits and vegetables.

    daina – thanks, it was a beautiful walk to get there too. Sometimes you need to get out of the city.

    conflagratio, thanks -and if it wasn’t HDR then you did something amazing there.

    613 – thanks :) and I loved the scene, it was a beautiful winter’s day.

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