shalom the house painter

Adverts (including for someone called Shalom who will paint your house), graffiti and more street art by Klone, Kikar Dizengoff (Dizengoff Square), in the centre of Tel Aviv. Dizengoff Street is Tel Aviv’s central shopping street, with a large mall, and lots of shops, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars. (We like to eat.) The Square isn’t square, it’s circular, with a giant fountain that spits fire at certain times of the day.


24 comments on “shalom the house painter”

  1. Nice street ‘art’. Love seeing the different languages. Nice balance and composition in this seemingly random arrangement.

  2. A giant fountain that spits fire!

    I love the idea.

  3. A Alien with a pig nose and teeth. I don’t think I would want to be abducted and probed by that creature even it it does have pretty green eyes.

  4. i was going to dismiss this graffitti until i noticed the art in the eyes…

    that fountain sounds good. got any photos?

  5. Beautiful arrangement of shapes and lines in the framing of this graffiti – the light is exceptional and the yellow leaflet in the center holds it all together so well.

    • Thanks, daina, I liked it because it looked so typical of this place to me – very communal, the leaflets are all advertising personal businesses or services…

  6. fascinating photo. and you gotta love a place where the town square is a circle!

  7. i love green in orange, its a killer combination. when it spits fire does it turn off the water or do the spouts allow for 2 elements? which i visualised when i first read your words.

    • Alek, the water and fire are at the same time and the fountain sort of spins around – it’s really weird, kitsch and very Tel Aviv – well I like it ;)

  8. They are among us :-)
    This is one of their signs !
    (insert SciFi music here)

    • And I thought space aliens only ever landed in the USA?
      But if they are in Tel Aviv it would explain some of the strange things I see around… ;)

  9. What a grreat color compination on this cosmic graffitti, terrific shot!


  10. I’ve always loved graffities! This one has piercing eyes!
    Great capture :)

  11. I used to be so scared of that fire when I was little…
    I really enjoy seeing your pics!

    • Thanks Sarah :)
      I can imagine why you were afraid of the fire, it’s rather weird and must have seemed HUGE as a child.

  12. Another interesting location. I like the shadows and the graffiti is art, I believe, as long as it doesn’t get out of control. It adds life to what can be lifeless otherwise.

    • Thanks, Andrew – I tend to agree with you…I like street art that is imaginative. But not graffiti that is just scrawled around, particularly on someone’s property…that’s not nice.

  13. soft graffiti , not too much agressive, curious to see others- pity not to understand what is written on it

  14. very nice colors and melting of drawing and letters

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