beauty parlour

A beauty parlour/ spa in Neve Zedek, early in the morning.


16 comments on “beauty parlour”

  1. I love these sort of places with their own iconography, often completely at odds with the surroundings and the clients too.

    This one is lovely.

  2. Looks like one of those places that hasn’t changed much with time. The beauty posters in the window are great!!!!

  3. Beautiful! nicely spotted

  4. is it for the french colors: blue, white, and red ? oversaturated colors is for this intention ?

  5. Thanks for your comments :)

    Jon – there are a lot of contrasts in this neighbourhood, which used to be predominantly for older, working-class people (and became a slum), and has now been mostly reclaimed by the wealthy. These posh places sit next to older, traditional ones.

    Marcie – thank you :) the neighbourhood is very old, the first in Tel Aviv – but this posh French place is very new, it’s just in an old building.

    michael, thanks for visiting and commenting!

    flo – you’re very insightful – actually there is a growing French community in this area, the posters are in French as you can see, and I did really think of the tricolour when I took the picture (I was going to call it red, white and blue in fact!)

  6. What is so surprising is the sidewalk and its colors, which somehow becomes more interesting than the images displayed in the window – well seen. And the light is gentle and lovely…

    • daina, thanks – it’s not often you can actually see the painted colours, because usually everywhere is filled with parking cars.

  7. shame you can’t see the “before” photo behind the tree there :-)

  8. Nicely done. Soft early morning light, very pleasing.

  9. An intriguing and glamorous image. Beautifully processed and presented.

  10. such a warm feel to this, very friendly

  11. What a thoroughly intriguing image with all sorts of interesting colors and geometry.

  12. a particular ambiance, quite cold..

  13. Love the framing here. Neve Zedek is a real treasure for a photographer. There is no other place like it in Israel, I believe.
    I really enjoyed the geometry here. Nicely done.

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