urban space, old and new

Artworks pasted on the gate of the Chelouche House in Neve Zedek. The Chelouche House is the first house in the neighbourhood, and one of the first in Tel Aviv. The art is by a street artist, Klone, whose work is being shown in the Post Pop exhibition at the Israeli Cartoon Museum.


10 comments on “urban space, old and new”

  1. Great street art..wonderfully captured. Love how you’ve juxtaposed the b&w and the color. Really interesting and creative.

  2. beautiful Art street: i appreciate that you make a diptyque: very interesting ;)

  3. A fine artist no doubt! Very talented, and a great way to have the art displayed. I know he would appreciate the honor you have shown him here. I like the worn walls as well. Nice post!

  4. How very different the art looks in b/w. The juxtaposition of the two renditions really made me examine the work and note the differences. And I like that they both are a bit different in the frame. Your image moves so well across the page.

  5. Very interesting art to look at, not that I understand what the artist is saying. I do like your photo shown in both color and black & white.

  6. Nice contrast between BW and colored, I love the Bw, very interesting the meaning of the paintings on the wall. Regards.

  7. The presence of the old and new in Tel Aviv is just so interesting and makes this city such a unique place! By the way I was looking through your archive and wanted to say I thought your photo of ‘Blue monster in Bugrashov” was just awesome!

  8. two very different pictures. i’ve been shooting only b&w for about two years now, so it’s very interesting for me to see how this photo changes. i like them both, and i like them together like this.

  9. interesting to see the pairing of colour and black and white: it shows how much of an impact to shape, form and detail colour (or the lack thereof) makes to an image

  10. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate you visiting and taking time to comment :)

    I really, really like black and white images, but sometimes I can’t make up my mind between a black and white version and a colour one. The change between the two is always really distinct…

    I used to shoot only black and white film, too :) It changed the way I looked at things a lot.

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