constructing jaffa

The Tel Aviv tayelet (promenade) is being extended and a new park is being built on the run-down Jaffa waterfront. It’s not finished yet but it’s now possible to walk all along the seafront round the headland from the Jaffa Port. 

The view is just gorgeous. The park is going to be fantastic.

I liked the sight of these palm trees standing tall on the horizon, over the construction site.


17 comments on “constructing jaffa”

  1. Wow! Very stunning and dramatic picture. Wonderful and I love it!!

  2. A very strong image! I read it so differently – I thought the palm trees were signs (I guess I am not used to seeing palm trees :} ) And therefore I attached a rather symbolic meaning to this image i.e. various far off signs to follow in turbulent times. Either way it is dramatic and effective…

  3. ce n’est pas un temps à laisser les moutons dehors !

  4. Gorgeous colors and deep silhouettes and shadows. Wonderfully composed. Nice work.

  5. ominous sky, powerful shot cat

  6. What a great skyline with these dark clouds !

  7. Just a great sky . . . and no light pollution!

  8. I hope the park will be as gorgeous as you wish it to be. The palm trees against that sky look like a scene from a movie. Good eye! Nice image!

  9. Love how you’ve captured the breadth of the skyscape against the rich dark silhouetted palm trees. Very cinematic image. Excellent processing – as always.

  10. a fabulous moody sky and terrific framing; excellent!!

  11. Thanks a lot for your comments…

    Palm trees are really very wonderful things – and they are signs in a way (at least, of a warm climate…and dates).

  12. Dramatic sky here, deep landscape my friend. Cheers.

  13. Super shot. I look forward to your photos from this new park.

  14. I told you more than once already. Watching your photos gives me a total different look from what I know about Israel.
    Real joy watching your photos.

  15. Incredibly beautiful. Love it when high-contrast color photographs are done well. The sky is just epic.

  16. Thanks for your comments :)

    Ilan – thanks, I suppose because I came here as an Olah I see things through a different perspective sometimes…maybe?

    613 – Thanks, glad you like it and thanks for visiting here, I appreciate it and it’s interesting to hear your thoughts… :)

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