so we talked about the weather

November on the beach. A new lifeguard station. It looked like an arrow pointing to the sky.


15 comments on “so we talked about the weather”

  1. It does look like an arrow…and I love how you’ve encircled it in a glowing light. Exceptional image. this one. WOW!

  2. Yes, exactly like an arrow. Fabulous processing and bright colors make this image special.

  3. I really enjoy the clear, crisp color in this. The station’s colors and rectangles are a terrific composition in themselves. And even though the beach is empty this image is lively and upbeat.

  4. Good idea on the processing to have your eye focus on the building and away form the guys in the speedos. :)

  5. i love that “arrow” and the be-speedoed men made me chuckle!

  6. “like an arrow pointing to the sky” – i like the photo and your description!

  7. November and the beach – you must be able to smell the envy!

  8. One of my favorites of yours. Such a wonderful feeling in this rich shot.

  9. Feels warm, colorful & so sweet – thanks for this one & the whole gallery as well (from a newcomer in the photoblog’s world) See U*

  10. very nice work! love the in this, i want to swim here!

  11. Thanks for your comments… :)

    The beach in the autumn (if you can call it that) and winter always makes me feel happy…

  12. Seriously artistic. So french like

  13. like this cute little house, and the oversaturated colors, around.. bravo

  14. It feels 70’s … or even I could say it feels timeless !!!
    Nice job !

  15. I like the shot but unlike others I’m not crazy about the way you vignetted it. Seems to detract from the overall image, which is very strong.

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