tel aviv port

It’s not a working port anymore – apart from the fishermen who come there every day to fish from the wavebreakers.

Now it’s full of restaurants and shops, a weekend farmers’ market, occasional theatre and places to skateboard and cycle.


12 comments on “tel aviv port”

  1. Looks like a distant memory…a dream. Love the quality of light..the contrasting blacks and whites. I guess I didn’t know what the port was no longer a working one. Always learning something new. :-)

  2. superb. marcie’s right, it’s like a dreamscape – i love the glow.

  3. You have set the horizon aglow and let the land and buildings go dark and the effect is, as Marcie said, dreamlike. The focus is more on what is distant and unknown – something beyond the horizon. Wonderful composition – where all the lines lead to a “vanishing point” and the b/w makes it more evocative and abstract.

  4. This is simply beautiful! It really does look like a dream

  5. It does look like a skateboarders dream and a great place to ride my tricycle. :)

  6. And I’d bet there’s a marina also!

    A good friend of mine is an architect and he once told me the easiest job in the world is to turn a commercial port into luxury homes and leisure destination.


  7. Love the processing here, the light is a nice touch. Looks like a place that can get really windy some days, enough to blow you right over :) Nice image!

  8. Thanks for the comments :) As ever, I really do appreciate your visits.

    Marcie – it stopped being a working port in the 60s but it does have a special history as in ’48 this was where the first immigrant ship bearing an Israeli flag landed…

    david – thanks, it was early morning and the light was delicious, I can’t find a better word for it.

    daina – thanks, that’s what I was aiming for, now I have a better camera (since a week ago) I can take “wider” shots without them coming out “flat”.

    Sarah – תודה רבה – כנראה שאת דווקא מכירה את המקום כי את גם תל אביבית :)

    Terry – Yep, you’d be in good company on your tricycle (you actually have a tricycle?!) here.

    Jon – There’s a very fancy-schmancy marina in the posher town north (Herzeliya). The marina here is going to be renovated I think – but they actually did a great job with the port – the fish restaurants are rather good and it’s nice to see it’s used by a mix of cultures too.

    Andrew – thanks :) We have a few very windy days in the winter here, and then we even get sand blown into our house… fun.

  9. Beautifully observed and beautifully processed.

  10. really lovely, cat. great way to highlight the boardwalk.

  11. Reminds me of the Sopranos. The vignette on one side works here for some reason. I guess because the lines form a natural break to go with it. Love the softness.

  12. Thanks so much for your comments :)

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