Eilat Street

Eilat Street, right on the corner where Florentin, Neve Zedek and Jaffa intersect (no-one seems to know exactly where Jaffa really begins). One of many wholesale fashion stores, strictly no sales to individuals (but of course you can argue and haggle about that).

The trees are still green here, even in November – there are flowers everywhere, too.


13 comments on “Eilat Street”

  1. Love your point-of-view..the reflective almost metallic colors. Love seeing the world thru your lens!!!

  2. cat, this is surreal, chaotic, wonderful!

  3. brilliant…electrifying image

  4. Great reflection and the bald mannequin is disturbing creating a surreal feeling. Your processing enhances everything. Giving the mannequin life like color makes it even more jarring and the purplish/greenish background creates a feeling of an unreal world beyond the “figures” – wonderful framing and image…

  5. very nice atmosphre and colors

  6. The vignette and saturated colors makes this work something electrifiyng, other times (not sure if old or future …) Congratulatios

  7. Thanks for your comments :)

  8. I like your processing which adds a touch of the surreal to your interesting composition.

  9. This has that wow factor. Really cool and awesome image!!

  10. was the storefront in this order or did you make a collage?

    either way, it works. really good color going on.

  11. angie – thanks a lot and nope, this is just how it was…no collage – just crazy mannequin stuff happening.

  12. une belle perspective et un joli travail des couleurs !

  13. rem_la, merci beaucoup et merci pour votre visite, I’m glad you liked it.

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