The heart of Florentin

A tiny kiosk, one of many, in Florentin, South Tel Aviv. Kiosks are corner shops, selling everything from aubergines to vodka. They are also impromptu meeting places. Every day locals, factory and construction workers, students, loafers and artists sit outside on those crates, drink Malty, eat pitzukhim (toasted sunflower seeds, nuts, etc – very popular in Israel) smoke incessantly, and gossip. 

Florentin is a small but edgy, trendy area with pavement cafes, cafe-bars, hummus restaurants, boutiques, three pet stores, a falafel stand, juice bars, a ridiculously good cake shop, burekas shops and, increasingly, real estate agents. It’s also my home.


14 comments on “The heart of Florentin”

  1. Sounds and looks like a very interesting place to live and lucky you to live near a a ridiculously good cake shop.

  2. I like your focus on the spigots (if that is what they are) for from your description so much takes place in these corner shops. And I can just imagine the crates used as chairs for impromptu get togethers. I would love a taste from the cake shop – in NYC one can find most anything, but a good cake shop is still difficult to come by (by European standards).

  3. Love the blurr and the b&w processing. I can imagine people perched on the crates..hanging out and socializing. Looks like a special place to live.

  4. Great plumbing details… and great picture too ! It looks a nice place to live, yes !

  5. Like looking at Israel, 40-50 years ago. Small “corner” with a family grocery shop, a bit dirty, a bit neglected, but always warm and welcoming. :)

  6. Your images display and inspire passion. Excellent processing with altered focus and very nice tone. Neat place too.

  7. Thanks for the comments :)

    daina, the cake shop is Romanian and doesn’t look fancy at all but the cakes are so rich you need a week to recover. In other words, the best sort of cake :)

  8. A fine image and really nice to hear about where you live.

  9. i really would like to see the shopkeeper too ! transparent? :-))

  10. i’m fascinated by the water/gas pipes for some reason!

    i like the change to b&w here; works well with the timeless quality of the shot

  11. vera – :) the shopkeeper hides inside, I think. And I’m shy about asking to take people’s pictures…

    david – they’re water meters, it’s such an old neighbourhood that they’re exposed like that. they do have a certain mechanical charm :)

  12. lovely blur and contrast going on here. really nice, cat.

  13. Thanks, angie :) Appreciate your visit and comments.

  14. So beautiful treatment here, soft, ellegant for this amazing street scape

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