The Bubble

I couldn’t resist doing this. Look through the mirror at North Tel Aviv at the newly revamped namal (Port) area, which has a boardwalk, gourmet fish restaurants, cafes, shops, a yoga centre, a weekend farmers’ market, art shows and a space for a temporary theatre.


17 comments on “The Bubble”

  1. A fun image. So nice to see you!

  2. It is an irresistable shot! Love it!!!

  3. So fun! I am glad you didn’t resist, thanks for the smile it brings.

  4. agreed – i’m glad you didn’t resist. i like the grittiness of this.

  5. Why on earth would you want to resist? Love the isolation of the complex view in the circle and the expanse of blue surrounding it. Great color combinations also – the yellow green contained by the red within the light blue is terrific! And the image in the circle is a nice composition in itself.

  6. What I love in this image — besides all your usual virtuosity with color, perspective, effects — is what is might suggest about Tel Aviv’s relation to history: the city has not usually stopped to take a breath and look back at its past and the namal is a particularly evocative site for this kind of stock-taking. The reverse mirror image up the coast, from old to new, is a lovely visual metaphor for what this process might entail.

  7. good to see you…i’m sure i wouldn’t have resisted either (though i would have done my best to obscure myself)!

  8. So fitting kind of a cat eye view of the cat and your hair looks fine.

  9. Nice to almost meet you :)
    Maybe we SHOULD meet… We live kind of close :)

  10. Thanks all for your comments :) They are really appreciated!

    Barbara – yes, the namal is a good place for retrospection. There are a couple of images on walls there of the port as it was “in the beginning”. There’s also an outdoor exhibition of posters “advertising” the port as a place to hang out, made by art students. A lot of reflection in images :)

    david – I think I’m pretty obscured here :) I don’t usually like having my picture taken as my eyes are ALWAYS closed.

    Ilan – I’ve probably even seen you around :) I’m always seeing people taking photos in Florentin/ Neve Zedek.

  11. super cute! that’s my kind of way to do a self-portrait; as little of me as possible! :-)

  12. After being away for a while, I have the pleasure of discovering the interesting shots you’ve made in the past couple of weeks !
    It’s also nice to finaly see you ;-) I now know that you are really small and that you have a camera glued to your face ;-)

  13. angie – thanks :) yep, that’s my kind of self-portrait as well.

    pictalogue – yes, you got it. Or maybe that was the distorting effect of the weird convex mirror ;)

  14. un bel autoportrait !

  15. More self portraits I say! Always an interesting exercise and one it took me years to get to – kinda liberating in an odd way. So, hi cat

  16. terrorkitten, cheers :)
    For me, self portraits feel the way your voice sounds when you record it and hear it played back. Kind of like: “ That’s how I sound? Bossy and squeaky?!”

    Liberating? Maybe.

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