Windmills on Herzl

Herzl Street in south Tel Aviv – one of the first streets in the city, and famous for furniture stores, toy stores and rag trade stores –  and it’s terrible parking. This is a toy store – every day the owner puts these rainbow coloured windmills on this postbox, and on the pavement outside the store there are toy cars, soldiers, and a bunny rabbit that blows bubbles. All the stores are independently owned – no big box chain stores.


12 comments on “Windmills on Herzl”

  1. I love the playfulness of the photo, and the sense of an exciting street.

    Independent shops are so interesting, especially if they are mixed in with offices and homes.

  2. The suggestion of viewing the world through “rose colored glasses,” as it were, is wonderful. The slight blur also suggests viewing the “world” or reality with a softer vision when looking through these windmills and gives them a sense of movement at the same time. Love your point of view!

  3. Wonderful colors. I like Daina’s suggestion of viewing the world thru ‘rose colored glasses’. Really captures the vibrant feel of the city.

  4. Thanks for your comments :)

    It is indeed an exciting street – at least I think so, because there’s always something to see.

    Lots of the merchants here have been here for years and years. In the back streets you can get all sorts of spices, cheeses, and foods from Jewish take away snacks to Persian cuisine.

  5. A childlike and fun image that makes me smile!

  6. No “big box chain stores”? That would be so nice, the independently owned stores here are mostly gone. Beautiful, fun colors and the selective blur is perfect. It gives the image a dreamy effect, as if being seen through the eyes of an excited child. Great work!

  7. love the sun, love the colour, love this happy shot.

  8. Amazing light against you, the effect with the colored toys is really great, unusual composition my friend. Cheers!

  9. When this picture pop up a big smile went across my face. Love the color! Love the angle of the light and shadows. Great shot!

  10. Thanks for the comments :)
    It is a very fun and happy part of the street – there are lots of toy stores here and they all put toys outside to attract customers.
    Israel does have big box stores (Israelis do love shopping malls) but there are none in this area – and in general, and even in the malls, there are lots of independent places with a lot of character.

  11. excellent dreamy processing!

  12. elaine – thanks a lot :)

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