the kraken and the big fish

“This — some say — confirms the hypothesis that each man bears in his mind a city made only of differences, a city without figures and without form, and the individual cities fill it up.”

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

Yafo port (Jaffa), thousands of years old and the site of a million myths and sea monsters – Andromeda was chained to a rock here and Perseus rescued her from the Kraken; Jonah set sail from here and was swallowed by a big fish (not a whale – that’s a just bad translation from the Hebrew).


17 comments on “the kraken and the big fish”

  1. Looks like the photo was taken thousands of years ago. Something very ancient..mystical..magical about the image. I do so love your processing techniques.

  2. And the history shows beautifully in your rendering. The text and words are such fine companions in your shots.

  3. Must be wonderful to be surrounded by such myth and history. You have given your image a magical effect to go with its reputation.

  4. Maybe it is my mood, but it feels as if I am viewing the land from the water, as if I were a sea being (or captured by one) and looking at the land for the last time through a damaged telescope. I had a hard time understanding the quote – perhaps because I don’t read anymore – or perhaps because I have not read Calvino. I guess I get a feeling of what he is saying but logically it escapes me. I do think we are in a constant state of paradoxes where many opposites are true at any given moment. Evocative image and effective processing…

  5. Interesting effect you added to this photo =)

  6. so well done – it look 100 years old.

  7. Thanks for the comments :)

    daina, I’m not sure exactly what the idea is behind the quote but I think (or I’m taking it to mean, or at least as a starting point) that we what we think of as reality starts from imagination, or at least imagined connections and relationships between things, and then we try to make the imagined connections real by seeing them in the outside world.

    I liked the idea in connection with the image of Jaffa specifically because it is a city that has a lot of meaning in mythical form, and it’s many things simultaneously both historically and symbolically. It’s old and it’s new. But really it’s just a place where people live.

  8. Each person who views this photograph will imagine different inhabitants. Highlighting the difference we all have based on the belief of what a city should be. Thank you for your thought provoking post!

  9. Cat – thanks – that makes sense :}

  10. the text gives the picture a other meaning – great porcessing

  11. Hi Cat! I’m happy to come again and viewing your great processing works, this one makes me feel well, very well thinking on a far wonderful places.

  12. I think with the history I will just head down to the next beach to take a swim. Thanks for the info. :) Beautiful photo and cool Kraken processing.

  13. Thanks for your comments :) I really appreciate them.

  14. terrific! feels like an old movie still that had a bit of acid thrown onto it.

  15. angie – thanks :) That’s pretty much what I was after…

  16. I really like the old image effect on this one! Perfectly matches the atmosphere.

  17. Shirin, thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment. Old Jaffa has a wonderful atmosphere, it’s like breathing in history.

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