Haze and Chimeras

 All one could do was to glimpse, amid the haze and the chimeras, something real ahead.

Nabokov: Speak, Memory


12 comments on “Haze and Chimeras”

  1. Absolutely stunning image. Love the glowing blue tones. Very dreamlike and creative. WOW!

  2. Speak Memory is one of my favorites and your image does have a sense of something remembered. I have not read Nabokov for years, but then I have not read much for years – at my age one stops reading or at least I did. I like the originality of your image – there is something bold in many of your images.

  3. love the photo. (nabokov is my absolute favorite, and Speak Memory probably my favorite of his – next to Pale Fire.)

  4. Impressive art! Super design, the softness, color, and creative focus are captivating and exciting. Nice work.

  5. but you have cought it!! the bird i mean ! :-))) nice blue effects!

  6. A really nice departure from your earlier series from Tel Aviv. At first a challenge to understand this image, but when I really saw it I just had to do a “wow”.

  7. One is nature-life-clean, other is man made-not as pure. One is interesting, evolving, complicated. The other dull.
    You good :)

  8. I thought resemble an uncertain principle that move slightly if I will watch essence, and to pass out of sight.

  9. Beautiful in its simplicity and haziness!

  10. Love the combination of images and design. I give it a Whoa and a Wow. :)

  11. Thanks for your comments!

    I love Nabokov’s writings – as is probably obvious – and my favourite is Ada. It amazing to me that someone can write so beautifully in his second language.

  12. Excellent deep blue sky against the lonely bird

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