Fabrique Chelouche Freres

The gate of the Chelouche Brothers factory in Neve Zedek (written in French and Arabic). The factory was built in the 1890s by Yosef-Eliyahu Chelouche and his brother Avraham, and made beautiful tiles (some of which you can still see today, in very old houses around). Yosef spoke Hebrew, Arabic and French fluently. He was very active in public life and is well-known for having used his Arabic knowledge to try to improve relations with the Arabic community.

Right next door is the Chelouche House, also built by Yosef. It’s the first house built in Neve Zedek and today, the beautiful villa is slowly crumbling around the edges. In July, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich took a tour around the neighbourhood and decided he wanted to buy it for $30 million. 

I hope he doesn’t. Otherwise, Neve Zedek will become like the centre of Jerusalem – a desolate ghost town, populated very sporadically by wealthy foreigners, who pop over for a quick bar mitzvah or pool party, then fly back to America or London, after raising prices so high that locals can’t afford them.


10 comments on “Fabrique Chelouche Freres”

  1. so many pretty little places have been subject to the same blight but sometimes at least it saves the buildings for a future that might be devoid of the plastic lives of the rich.

  2. I like the dynamic angle of your composition with its interesting division of space. The strong blue is wonderful and becomes more interesting because of your treatment.

  3. i’m curious about the first house built in neve zedek… can we see a picture of it in the future? p.s. i absolutely love your blog. i live in los angeles and made my first trip to israel this past summer. i can’t wait to go back. so, thank’s for keeping me in touch!

  4. Love the composition and balance of positive and negative space. Really interesting about this being bought out and used for nothing other than the rich and touristy. The story of life!!!!

  5. Processing works well with the worn and cracked wall. Interesting information as well.

  6. The terrific noise makes this work like a press one, I like the process you are combining on your pictures, very interenting. Indeed!

  7. As usual, your stories and the images mesh into such delicately woven tales of life there. A book would seem a natural outgrowth of this.

  8. I love these photos of ‘the past’ with a story to give some context.

  9. the texture works beautifully for this cat and i always enjoy the information

  10. I like that statement. Don’ become a tourist trap!
    I keep wondering about the technique you use here. You should give us a step by step guide some day.

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