impossible architecture

By the beach: a series of identical hotels like the severed legs of dismantled robots. When you look up at them you see row after row of perfectly repeating cells, each containing: a window, a balcony, a white plastic sun chair. Oddly, they exude a calming effect of anonymity, a temporary reprieve from the constant desire to hyperdifferentiate ourselves.


14 comments on “impossible architecture”

  1. I love such bold a composition.

  2. ugh, i hate beachfuls of identikit hotels and ranks and ranks of beachtowels on recliners…i’d avoid this place like the plague. i love the treatment of the shot though!

  3. The color gives one the impression of flames as the building juts forward near an edge of a steep ravine. It is very dramatic and dynamic – the uniformity of the building may have a “calming” effect yet this image, I believe, excites more than calms :} wonderful color combinations…

  4. Interesting interpretation. I always love those lone plastic chairs, in row after row, each placed in precisely the same spot on the balcony, facing the same way, it’s so rare to ever seen anyone in them, though.

    Majesterial effect on this one, like brimstone, especially with the angle.


  5. Thanks for your comments :)

    I can’t stand the identikit beach experience either – I prefer the beaches no-one goes to or the beaches in the winter when all the tourists have gone home.

    I like the patterns in these ugly buildings, though. And I’ve never seen anyone sitting in the chairs, either!

  6. I often have the same thoughts about beachside resort hotels…and I do remember them lined up along the beaches in Tel Aviv. Sadly – they make each beach experience the same..instead of differentiating and individuating them. Love your perspective..and how you’ve processed this to accentuate your point.

  7. Your fabulous processing makes this image special. You have breathed individuality into sameness. Well done. I wouldn’t stay there because I’d be afraid of the height. I need the earth.

  8. Not how I like to spend my holidays but I am attracted by architecture such as this and the concept….spectacular processing!

  9. Wonderful processing, frame and… idea :)

  10. What a good idea! I like the perspective results on this great work, congratulatios!

  11. a surreal, mildly frightening image. i like your own commentary on it.

  12. I somehow get a feeling of catastrophe, of destruction of film, image and motif.

  13. Such a bold set of patterns is rare in architecture, this is a beautiful building shot at a stimulating angle…. great find!

  14. Thanks for your comments and insights – they’re really very interesting (and obviously – I hope – very welcome indeed).

    Actually most of the beaches here are special and unique, but the hotels are weirdly ugly – the hotels remind me of a line by Debord in Society of the Spectacle, “Tourism, human circulation considered as consumption … is fundamentally nothing more than the leisure of going to see what has become banal.” People like the familiar, I suppose.

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