beach with rain

It was stormy yesterday, so the beach was abandoned by its usual regulars: the groups of pensioners drinking Turkish coffee and playing backgammon, cards and draughts; the dog walkers and cyclists and the groups of floral-swimsuit clad ladies having a paddle and a chat. The rain didn’t stop the real stalwarts, though – out they came in their Speedos and their all-year tans, ignored the black flags and swam. And the waves attracted hordes of surfers, like little groups of seals bobbing out at sea.


15 comments on “beach with rain”

  1. Nice the green saturation around, wonderful treactment again

  2. Your artsy processing has given the image a beautiful but ominous atmosphere. I like the angle you’ve taken it from.

  3. WOW! A dreamlike effect. Love the tonal qualities..and light. I think I prefer the abandoned beach…to that of the ‘occupied’ one!

  4. Lovely image and composition. The vignetting directs the eye to the center and draws one into the image. Terrific green color that indicates overcast weather yet is warmer and friendlier than a cool blue or gray. The touches of white and just a bit of read punctuate and enliven the image. I really like the sense of space and distance.

  5. Very artful!
    Like days faded and gone, this leaves me sore inside for the beauty lost.

  6. i like this very much, give a sense of the emptiness of the place.

  7. in the same mood of painting – interesting

  8. Nice composition. Looks like you got your feet wet getting this one. You do what you have to get the right shot, it paid off here. Great work!

  9. I probably wrote you already, most probably more than once by now, how much I enjoy your work. Amazing frame. Can’t stop imagining it printed large. LOVE IT! Love your works.

  10. The beach is nice anytime you can be there, except for the Speedos. :) I also love how the white objects pop on this one and your process works great with this shot. This is a favorite, great shot!

  11. You really got me with this one…. It is so evocative of that place!

    I love how the red flag pops out, and is picked up by the other chinks of read in the image.

  12. that acid green highlights the cold…time to go wrap up warm and have a stiff drink!

  13. Thanks a lot for all your comments :)

    The beach in the rain is always wonderful – as is any glimpse of nature in a city. And being the city, and this city in particular, there’s at least one coffee shop on every corner to refuel…

  14. seems strangely bright within the gloom! Nicely done as always Cat

  15. the green works for me, the strange luminosity is good

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