The Honesty Box on Rokach Street

This is a permanent book stall on narrow Rokach Street in Neve Zedek, south Tel Aviv. It’s right opposite the Gutman Museum and next to the tiny Rokach Museum. If one of the books takes your fancy, you just drop your chosen payment into a honesty box. During the day, there’s also usually home-made lemonade, too. Although Neve Zedek is being gentrified, south Tel Aviv is by no means a rich area. Yet the honesty box remains.


10 comments on “The Honesty Box on Rokach Street”

  1. What a wonderful concept and idea to have such a set-up for a book ‘purchase’ and exchange. Love the composition..and the gritty feel and true honesty. Especially love the little hanging doll.

  2. it’s a great idea; i hope it survives…we need honesty!

  3. The idea of the box is wonderful. may the business prosper.

  4. Wonderful composition, processing, color and subject. For those who love books this is a place to love.

  5. Lovely work Cat as always….great processing and love the concept. We still have this outside farms sometimes, produce and a box for money…..kind of restores your faith a little when you see it being used properly

  6. This is a fantastic, aged image. I don’t know how you do it, but it makes the back streets of Tel Aviv seem very special.

  7. Nice color in this shot. I love the that’s ethnicity.

  8. Thanks a lot for your comments :)

    I agree, it’s great when there’s a sense of community and society – you don’t need wealth to make this either.

    This has seemed to survive – it’s been there at least a year, anyway.

  9. very good processing..I admire, because I don’t know to do that by myself ;);)

  10. In small communities where everybody knows each other there is almost no crime, and that’s why this can continue. For now.

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