A City For Everyone

Local council elections are coming up very soon in each Israeli city, and there are political posters everywhere as the various candidates compete for attention. There are different local parties and personalities in each city, of course. In Tel Aviv, the “City For Everyone” party (the poster in the picture) seems to have gained a lot of popularity, as they want to make more affordable housing and a greener city. This house is in south Tel Aviv, near the beachfront. It’s surrounded by half-built “elite” apartment developments. These are marketed to non-residents who want to have a nice holiday apartment. They’re not popular – as they push away local residents, who can’t afford them. The area was built on what were then barren sand dunes in a mosquito-filled swamp. This is what it looked like then, as people gathered to get their plot of swampy sand – according to popular legend, the man you can see standing apart from the crowd is yelling “You’re crazy! There’s no water!”.


10 comments on “A City For Everyone”

  1. What an excellent image, and text to complement it. Most people would have seen this spot in space as just that, and not the beautiful in the mundane.
    Your images are very distinct.

  2. Thanks for the great writeup which goes so well with your fine image. A greener city sounds like a very worthy cause.

  3. Love the contrast that accentuates the lines and also the empty space vs. the clutter of the objects at street level. The stronger touches of delicate color in some areas are very nice as is the red and blue in the sign which repeats on the couch. A strong design…

  4. Definitely a very different side of Tel Aviv. Love the white washed colors..the saturated brightness. It just reminds me of the air and quality of light there. Excellent!

  5. Remarkable image! So informative and thought provoking. Elections seem to me, to bring out the worst in people. People tend to dwell on the issues that tear us apart, rather than unite. “Affordable housing”, seems to be more difficult to achieve than ever. Another image well shot and displayed!

  6. i like the high-key image and, as always, the accompanying information is fascinating

  7. Thanks for the comments :) There are a quite a few of these very old places left, where the residents probably built the house years ago, even in North Tel Aviv where it’s wealthier.

  8. Harsher than we are used to with your images Cat….it works very well on this occasion.

  9. I really like how the processing here brings out new and interesting elements, and especially how it flattens out the palette. Nice work.

  10. very nice processing.. and work very well here..

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