Frishman Beach

The lifeguard station on Frishman beach, Tel Aviv. The temperatures are still hovering around 30 Celsius, so it’s very much beach weather – but it’s autumn so the beaches aren’t very crowded. The Tel Aviv beach attracts all manner of interesting folk, from lone unicyclists and jugglers, Tai Chi practitioners, hippies, surfers, pensioners…on the weekends, there are buskers, Chinese protesters and people selling tacky souvenirs. There’s even a souvenir-seller with a mobile cart that plays music – which he cleverly changes according to which culture he’s selling to. He has Jewish music, Arabic music, Russian songs and even one in English. Now, that’s targeted marketing.


17 comments on “Frishman Beach”

  1. A fabulous image with interesting processing. I like it and really enjoyed your writeup.

  2. the flatness makes the image feel as if it were a drawing. It made me think of Ben Shahn’s work. Love the yellow tower in relation to all the other colors. Very lovely.

  3. Love the view of the beach as you have shot it, and your description. Looks and sounds like a fun filled and active place during the season. As I have noted before, your processing, the way you present your images, is very artistic and appealing. Great work!

  4. Thanks for the comments :) Appreciated as always!

    And the TA beach is indeed a fun place and there’s always something to see.

  5. How do you do that?! :)
    I mean, you are something between a painter and a photographer, because the things you do to your photos are incredible. You can take something totally mundane and turn it to something… Like this. Superb!

  6. Love the beach. It is such a great place to people watch and just enjoy the beauty and sounds. Wonderful photo!

  7. i like your post processing to give a art effect

  8. Your photos have such a remarkable quality to them that blurs the line between photographic realism and the painterly. The colors are especially remarkable, as here.

  9. i like your processing; gives it a very ageless and aged feel. the narrative is as interesting as ever.

  10. Nice framed this work, really seems an old scene

  11. the processing on this. It somehow reminds me of one of those old home movie ‘stills’. Exceptional!!!!!

  12. Bonsoir,
    Well done processing..nice effect..Bravo!

  13. Great shot! Nice photo.

    Have a nice weekend!

    greeting Nanne from Friesland

  14. Thanks a lot for the comments :) I appreciate them, and I’m glad you liked the picture – the beach is very central to life in this city… :)

  15. The processing really brings this to life…great!

  16. love it.. very good choice of a dreamy beach ;)

  17. Great shot of my favourite beach!

    I won’t repeat all the compliments on color, processing etc. It’s a great great image.

    Maybe it’s just me but the lifeguard’s tower surrounded and all fenced off like that has somewhat of an ominous look.

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