Picturing the King

Early on Shabbat morning, a Russian tourist takes a snap of the giant golden Elvis statue outside the Elvis Diner in the Judean Hills. The place was packed with Russian tourists, (probably Israelis). After their visit to the Elvis Diner, their tourist buses took them the five-minute journey to Abu Ghosh for brunch in one of the myriad of hummus and Lebanese restaurants. Abu Ghosh is famously home to rival hummus restaurants – both named Abu Shukri after the original Abu Shukri, head of the hummus-making clan or extended family (hamulah in Hebrew/Arabic). Abu Shukri also have branches elsewhere in Israel, as the Abu Shukri name and hummus is so legendary. The rivalry was the result of a family feud, leading to the opening of a rival Abu Shukri restaurant, a court case, some street battles, and eventually a family reconciliation (all in front of the cameras of course). The waiters (all teenagers belonging to the Abu Shukri family) wear T-shirts that say (in Hebrew letters, so everyone gets it): Yallah, sulkha! – meaning Let’s make a truce! or Come on, a truce!

Elvis. Not the only King.


7 comments on “Picturing the King”

  1. A wonderfully strange and incongruous image. Very thought provoking and nicely processed.

  2. Hardly looks like Elvis..but more like the David who slew Goliath. Am so enjoying seeing things thru your lens!!!

  3. A funny image cat! It looks like the statue is telling the tourist to move along. Terrific composition, I like that you have tilted it just a bit for balance and as usual wonderful processing. And your accompanying story is always interesting and entertaining reading…

  4. Thanks for the comments :)

  5. A shot that is both fun and artistic ! :-)
    The statue could also be a DJ spinning his finger on an invisible record player, and dancing to the funky sound :-)

  6. As I’ve said before, somehow you make something very trivial seem eternal, like some scene of worship?

  7. provocation attitude between the both !

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