The Elvis Inn (I)

Where can you find a large, golden statue of Elvis Presley, an roadside diner and coffee shop devoted to The King, regular Elvis Impersonation Contests, and Elvis souvenirs – in Israel? At the Elvis Inn (פונדק אלביס), of course. The Elvis Inn is located in a regular petrol station just off the ancient Jaffa-Jerusalem road, strategically located just outside of Abu Ghosh (an Arab village rightly famed for its abundance of excellent hummus restaurants and cafes), Telshe Stone (a religious community) and Neve Ilan (a moshav) – about 15 km from Jerusalem and 50 km from Tel Aviv.

This mural is inside the Inn, and the guy on the right who’s about to be served a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon by Elvis, is apparently the current owner. You can see him working in the Inn.

Amusingly, the address given for the place in Mapa, the Israeli map and travel site, is “Neve Ilan, Road 4115, Elvis Inn Junction”.

More to come…!


12 comments on “The Elvis Inn (I)”

  1. Whoever did the mural did a good job… I like that he used mostly blue and red to simplify a busy picture. Cat you come up with the most unexpected, interesting information. I am seeing Tel Aviv through your stories in a way that makes me feel I’ve been there.

  2. Just brilliant Cat…and great background as always

  3. Thanks for the comments :)

    It’s always nice to see a place from the “inside”, I think, because it’s a much better view than that given in the media…and not just Israel (which bears absolutely no resemblance to its portrayal in the media) but even places more on the beaten track. I’ve lost count of the number of people who think England is full of polite ladies and gentlemen, drinking tea in little cups and riding on charming red buses.

  4. Fantastic wall mural!!! Would never- not in a million years – had thought to find something like this in Israel. Am so enjoying seeing the unseen parts of the country thru your lens!

  5. he certainly gets around the place that elvis :-) brilliant!

  6. Nice work here! (your blog tittle remembers me the first book of V.Nabokov I readed…

  7. Great to see the king pouring the drinks. A fun place set outside a village with great hummus. Sounds so far from Memphis. I enjoyed your photo and the excellent writeup.

  8. When this first pulled up I was going what the ??? This can’t be Cats site. Not what I expected from Israel. Its great ,very funny and just a little strange.

  9. Great story and how cool is it that Elvis is well known there too…. Who knew??

  10. Really cool :-)
    Your shots make me want to come and visit Israel again, rent a car and drive around … with a camera of course !

  11. Thanks a lot for the comments :) I really appreciate them!

    Jose – thanks and yes, I was thinking of Nabokov, who is a great favourite of mine.

    pictalogue, you should definitely visit Israel (well, everyone should of course…) – it’s a great place for a vacation, not only because it has great weather but it’s got so much history (and great hummus obviously).

    Andrew – actually, Israel is very fond of Western culture (as are most places probably, these days) and because of MTV and the internet, what’s popular in the USA/ UK etc is also popular here – although there is local pop music too, in all genres but also “Eastern” pop music (in Hebrew and in Arabic too).

  12. so this is where he went off to! i see, i see. servin’ ’em up swell from the looks of it, too. great image, cat, and even better story.

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