kiosk, neve zedek

A kiosk (corner shop selling everything from milk to short-term parking permits) in Neve Zedek, the oldest neighbourhood in south Tel Aviv, just north of Jaffa and right by the sea.  Neve Zedek started out as a well-to-do neighbourhood built by Jewish families from Jaffa, then degenerated into a terrible slum – but in the past few years a lot of work has gone into reviving it, and it’s now a beautiful centre of culture, a major dance theatre, boutiques, tiny museums, coffee shops, restaurants and art galleries. The kiosk is closed for the Sukkot holiday, but a lot of the pavement cafes and coffee shops were opening up – Tel Avivites have to drink coffee somewhere, after all.


16 comments on “kiosk, neve zedek”

  1. Love the colors in this..the image of the corner..and that – in fact – the old ‘slum’ is being revived. Am always happy to hear when people find ways to revive what was once discarded. Nice textures in this.

  2. another fascinating image; i’m enjoying my trip around tel aviv with you as the guide!

  3. I love the photo in itself. And also for showing a scene just such as my neighborhood, also with traditional cafes and a thriving art scene.

    Keep making more photos.

  4. I like the concentration of elements in the center of the image and of course the color. I was thinking about your use of color and it seems to me that it has this dichotomy about it. In one sense it seems faded and old which gives it a delicacy and fragility but on the other hand it lends it an air of permanence like something that has lasted a long time and will continue to do so.

  5. Your processing adds interest to this simple little shop. I’m also happy to hear people in Tel Aviv enjoy coffee as much as I do. Your writeup as usual is very enjoyable.

  6. Very interesting processing on this image, would be curious to hear about it.

    I think I had a friend who used to lived right around the corner — is this near the Gutman museum?

    Chag sameach!


  7. We would call that the corner store. Dear I’m heading up to the corner store for some milk. :) I like how your process made the car blend into the wall and I love the reds.

  8. what a great photo. i like the grain, color, and light in it – not to mention the uniqueness of the place.

  9. Vibrant color and rich culture information. I hope this area continues to be revived, local neighborhood pride is crucial to maintaining a health local economy. If people have the shops they like near home, everyone will benefit from the money spent.

  10. Once more a nice job you’ve done with this shot !
    It feels a bit surreal and ghostly !

  11. I like the details in the picture, of course, but moreover I like the fadad colours that you use. You succeed to give this picture the appearance of a very old one, a picture of the past. Very nice one.

  12. As always Cat a great slice of life, you have great observational skills and your processing gives the image such a wonderful feel. Yea, like it very much

  13. A red tone and a red door are very impressive and wonderful.

  14. Thanks a lot everyone for the comments :)

    In response…yes, this area is being improved constantly, and also the areas surrounding it and it’s great to have a local community and local businesses – one thing I really disliked about London was that things were so expensive that only chain stores survived.

    Barbara – תודה וחג שמח גם לך :) Yes, you’re absolutely right and this is near the Gutman museum! It’s a great place to live.

  15. I really like the colors here — it has the look of an old film shot.

  16. like GJC – looks like film was my first thought. the textures and colors in this image are so appealing.

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