Mao comes to Tel Aviv

Driving past this kiosk one day, we were surprised to see a large portrait of Chairman Mao had been randomly placed outside, near the rubbish bin. Why?


17 comments on “Mao comes to Tel Aviv”

  1. that made me smile and i like the colour too

  2. Hard to tell whether the image of Mao has been thrown out or just left there to attract attention as it attracted yours. In any case the composition and gentle processing has resulted in a very appealing image.

  3. Love the color in this shot , and WHY too.

  4. You have surrounded it with red which picks up all the reds in the image :} Anyway think it is a wonderful pastiche with Mao as a centerpiece. Nice askew angle which keeps things sliding slightly to the right (put another smiley face here) and leads to the candy/gift shop with flowers in the window. Maybe it’s me but I think this is very tongue in cheek and humorous. Another funny element in relation to the whole is the sign in front of Mao held in place with bricks. I’m glad we can’t see what it says. And then there is the red trash bin…

  5. SO funny… and so many humorous details in this picture !
    Our leaders of today will one day finish on the sidewalk. Take care !

  6. TOO FUNNY! It reminds me of a randomly set up ‘still life’. Great eye!

  7. how bizarre the portrait of mao…was he big in israel? i like this kind of shot; so much to see!

  8. I like the colors in this shot. Actually some elements outside the portrait frame of Mao feel also like a painting, or like an extension of the portrait in an abstract way.

  9. These kinds of kiosks are not found here much anymore, I miss them. A random location like this can bring great photographic opportunities! Moa hasn’t changed a bit, he still looks the same doesn’t he? Great shot!

  10. Does he advertise the ice cream?

    We have Eva Longoria here for that brand of ice cream.

  11. Thanks for the comments :)
    Mao isn’t popular here – I’m guessing a lot of younger passersby wouldn’t even know who this was. It’s really random that the picture was here…I’m not sure if Mao would be a good advert for ice-cream, but I do recall the Pizza Hut ads “starring” Gorbachev. So you never know.

  12. i’m guessing the owner of the shop is chinese.. lol.. but that’s a pretty peculiar place to find mr. mao.. :) nice capture.. :D

  13. Strange place to place Mao (…. or maybe not? )Think we would have picked it up and asked for the price! Would have made a great souvenir!
    Nice vintage touch on your photo!

  14. I love these photos!

    I am a photographer and academic who has written about Tel Aviv — I love these images, they capture a part of the city not ordinarily on view.


  15. Great colour Cat…love the shot! I’m sure in many Mao lives on

  16. I suspect you already know why a photo of Chairman Mao would be in the trash :)

  17. superbe composition !

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