the giant bamba baby

Meet the Bamba Baby, the character that personifies the popular Israeli snack of peanut butter flavoured corn chips. Indeed, the Bamba Baby is holding a packet of Bamba as he sits atop the Osem Factory in Holon (site of the supermarket with the giant disembodied hand holding the enormous pepper). Bamba has been manufactured continuously since 1963 with no drop in sales, and represents about 25% of the snack market. Naturally, all Bamba is kosher.


12 comments on “the giant bamba baby”

  1. “Peanut butter flavored corn chip”? Sound delicious! “Bamba” look like a very happy icon. Nice shot!

  2. Fabulous color and processing. I enjoy your writeup as much as the image. We’re learning about Israel.

  3. Altho I’ve been to Israel many times..have never been treated to peanut butter corn chips! Love this guy and how you’ve captured him next to the flag..making him look like some sort of national monument. FUN!!!!

  4. They must be good look how happy He looks. The perfect food to feed an growing Bamba baby. Cat are they any good?

  5. great processing again! Love the saturation and as always great background info

  6. He does not look cute or cuddly, but perhaps that is the treatment you have given him :} I like that he is sitting on top of all those criss crossing lines and angles (which also does nothing to soften his image). These mascots of whatever brand or event, are so much a part of almost every culture these days and often have a garish carnival look. You have captured that very well. Perhaps that was not your intention and I am just seeing it that way since I am not crazy about these sorts of brand recognition shticks.

  7. a nice bit of processing; i like the saturation of the colour.

  8. i find these kind of figures with their blank eyes somewhat threatening, nice process cat

  9. This is almost surreal. I mean, I know the baby, but looking at this with a foreigners eyes.. That baby is pretty scare :)
    Great frame, love what you’ve done with the scene

  10. Thanks for the comments :)

    Daina – he isn’t cute or cuddly – at least he isn’t to me. I always thought he looked a bit creepy.

    And Americans always seem to like the idea of a peanut butter flavoured snack :)

    Marcie – the next time you visit Israel you will have to try some Bamba…and in fact this factory is sort of a national institution – I think there’s even a law that says in the event of war or national emergency it should be protected.

  11. Even the baby can eat because there are teeth ; )

  12. They are not corn “chips”, but rather are (soft) corn “puffs”

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