selling fruit in south tel aviv

Abulafia Street, South Tel Aviv. An area that is slowly, slowly, slowly being developed, as people see the possibilities in the almost derelict Bauhaus architecture (and as Florentine, to the north, gets increasingly gentrified).


12 comments on “selling fruit in south tel aviv”

  1. A fine image. Your unusual processing makes it out of the ordinary. It’s really interesting to see horses and wagons still used as transport. It reminds me of Eastern Europe or Toronto, Canada 50 years ago when horses were still used.

  2. Thanks, Michael :) This sort of transport isn’t terribly common here – although you do see horses and carts from time to time, usually in South Tel Aviv/ Jaffa – usually the carts are used to collect scrap iron, and not to carry fruit!

  3. Love the semi circle composition of this! Even the van and horse and cart follow the curve. And your processing counters the flow very nicely to keep the eye in the frame. I am amazed how aware of time one is in your images… As someone said “And time must have a stop” Which writer was it? can’t remember.

  4. as always Cat your processing transforms the image

  5. Amazing to see a horse and cart in this day and age. As always – love how the textural effect gives the image an ethereal timeless appeal. Excellent!

  6. I feel you’ve done a great job processing this picture. Moreover, the composition contrasting the horse and the van is nice. It seems you like these opositions in you work (harsh garfitti versus quiet cats, modern versus ancient, animal versus mecanical, etc.) :-)

  7. Wonderful shot,
    All the people, cars, and horses melt in this photograph.

  8. Very interesting image with the large van , horse and cart. The cart does not look like any thing you would see here being pulled by a horse.

  9. Nice point of view and use of lens!
    We like the color tones, make it look old and adds to the atmosphere.

  10. processing is great, cat

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)

    There’s definitely lots of contrasts in Tel Aviv between the old and the new, the beautiful and the urban-ugly, and nature/man. The city was built just 100 years ago on a sand dune and a swamp, and it’s developing all the time.

  12. Great views of TLV and wonderfully evocative photos!

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