Storm over the Galil

Another picture from the Galil/Galilee, as the sun broke through after a powerful and beautiful storm. After months of relentless sunshine and heat, it’s inspiring to see rain, even in a memory.


9 comments on “Storm over the Galil”

  1. Love your use of layers to create the ‘storm’ effect. Great use of light….

  2. Very lovely Cat! Transparent and ethereal comes to mind.

  3. There is almost a bit of religious feeling to it. Like witnessing the genesis or something. I love the “texture” and feel of the photo you’ve made here. Makes me feel almost like sneaking and watching someone creating this “earth” below.
    Superb. Very artistic and unusual. Very your style :)

  4. I live in Saudi Arabia at the present so I know how welcome a rainstorm is among days of heat and blue skies. I have always loved storms. Your image is both beautiful and unusual, two traits that are very valuable in photos and in people.

  5. a stunner of a shot Cat….such a beautiful atmosphere

  6. Love the this work ,the ruined earth is imaginable.

  7. and then there’s the smell, …no? that washes all the dust out of the creased light.

    i like what you’ve done here

  8. Thanks very much for all the lovely comments, all much appreciated :)

  9. It looks as if it is painted onto fine art paper.

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