lake kinneret, early spring

Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) in spring. It took me days to upload this image, as WordPress wasn’t co-operating…


12 comments on “lake kinneret, early spring”

  1. It has an unusual and original processing. Looks like you have given it a distressed texture to simulate precipitation. The atmosphere is cold and uninviting.

  2. Beautiful! Interesting processing…it gives it a softness.

  3. I really enjoy the processing on your images Cat…this has the feel of a print you perhaps dug up! Perhaps that’s why you had trouble uploading it…you know the dirt attached to it, digital hates dirt.

  4. As in many of your images it has a timeless look, yet the shift from ordinary color and the sheer curtain of abrasions and marks make one aware of time and its effects. This has a keen sense of alones and depth.

  5. I wonder how do you do this… is it just post processing from digital ? Do you really use an old camera ? tell us a bit :-)

  6. I continue to enjoy the “speckled” processing you conduct. I don’t know what you call it… but it’s very nice! This is another appealing image!

  7. Love the scenery seen from the window of the train very much.
    It is finish to the image with effective abrasion.

  8. You’ve tagged this as ‘calm’. It looks pretty much not calm to me with all that spray on the window.

    Nice photo, and nicely framed too.

  9. Remind me to watch through a dirty train window. I like this one.

  10. A very interesting and dreamy mood in your image. I appreciate it a lot.

  11. Michael Thanks :) actually, because Israel is such a hot country and throughout the summer it doesn’t rain for months and months, I find rainy looking pictures very inviting – I think that’s why I’m posting them…!

    Marcie Thanks a lot!

    terrorkitten Well, that was the idea, so glad it worked out…and yes, I think WordPress doesn’t like the old look, it wants shiny, new images.

    daina thanks, actually the Kinneret (or Sea of Galilee as it’s for some reason called in the English speaking world) has a very timeless feel to it. Probably all that history.

    beanow thanks!

    pictalogue Thanks…well, I’m just trying to match the images I take with the images I have in my mind’s eye…but I don’t have any special tools, just a very basic digital camera and layers. One day, I’ll be able to afford a whole set of different cameras to play with… :)

    Andrew I don’t know either – but sometimes that’s the fun of it, not knowing, because then you don’t have any rules. And thanks :)

    gallcat thanks, and it’s great that I had a comment from Japan, somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time…one day!

    Jon that’s an interesting observation…again, I think I see calm because of the water – and because the lake is so still and beautiful…

    BoB thanks, and interesting observation!

    Still thanks a lot, glad you liked it :)

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