City Hall

Tel Aviv City Hall, in Rabin Square – named after Yitzhak Rabin who was murdered there in 1995.  There’s now a memorial to Rabin right next to the City Hall. Although some people think this building is a hideous eyesore, it does have its own kitsch charm – all the more so since now, a giant rubber duck has been placed on its roof, in honour of the late artist, Dudi Geva who famously said that “Tel Aviv is so ugly…The city hall is a lost building. If a giant duck were placed on its roof, everything would change.”


11 comments on “City Hall”

  1. I like your photo with its interesting repetitive windows and haphazard colors. Your story about the duck made me laugh. Thanks so much for visiting my bliog, Cat. It was a joy to hear from someone in Israel.

  2. Love the quote. Altho I can see why some might consider this City Hall an have done wll by it with your photograph. Love the repetition of pattern and color. Really nice ‘abstract’ image.

  3. It certainly becomes kitsch with a duck sitting on top of it. And ugliness must have some charm since photographers gravitate to it so often. Scaled down this looks as if it could be made from toothpicks. In your image it seems to go on forever – no beginning or end so one focuses on the pattern – nicely done. I remember the day Rabin was killed – I was sitting in a classroom in San Francisco – a girl came running in crying…

  4. We believed it to be a piece of art………
    before reading and looking closer!
    We like your cropping ( or maybe your composition?) which let the building with all its windows fill the whole frame.
    It might not be beautiful from the street- but we do like it on a photo!

  5. I actually like the look of this building. I am drawn to intricate patterns and complexities. This image has that for sure. Thanks again for the historical text. Nice image!

  6. Michael – thanks and you’re welcome re the blog visit – I’ll definitely be back as you have some beautiful images and I’m interested to see more!

    Marcie – thanks, the duck quote is very Tel Aviv :) Technically the building has all the attributes of an eyesore, but to be honest it’s hard not to be rather fond of it.

    daina – I will try to get a picture of the duck before they take it down – although as the duck is apparently now our Centennial Mascot he might be there for a while longer…on a sadder note I think the moment Rabin was killed was one of those moments in history that get fixed in one’s memory…

    Framed and Shot – thanks! I think the colours do look unusual even from the street…some day, seventies prefabricated architecture will be revered…maybe.

    Andrew – thanks, you’ve got taste :) I also like patterns – I think it’s why I like abstract paintings and well-composed pictures with lots to look at and make sense of.

  7. Oh this building has a real beauty. I’d be attracted to this right off, with or without a duck!

  8. I like the patterns and colors in this shot. This type of building has it’s charms and the way you shot the pciture made it even look like a memory from the 70’s.

  9. Well, this is not he work of a great rchitect, but the picture is interesting with all the different colours at each window. Fine one !

  10. le corbusier… not many people see the beauty , again i like what you’ve done with the image

  11. I like the random colors which all work so well together.

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