Desert transport

A young Bedouin shepherd boy on a donkey, herding goats in the Negev desert,  near the city of Beer Sheva in the south of Israel (and near a car showroom). Although Bedouin is a generic term for the Arab nomads who inhabit the desert regions all across the Middle East, in Israel, the Negev Bedouin live in towns and villages and mostly are not nomadic.


6 comments on “Desert transport”

  1. Absolutely love your processing – whatever it is. This image looks as old as the land. Excellent!

  2. Love the Renault & Volvo on the “horizon” in contrast to the boy on the donkey. It could be read as the things to come (i.e. cars supplanting beasts of burden) or humorously in the contrast between the donkey and the cars or as social critique where the boy cannot afford the cars. Anyway terrific processing as usual and an interesting and thought provoking image.

  3. The processing makes the image special, really unusual and original.

  4. The photo does have the look like it has been out in the sun for a long period of time. I like the processing. Maybe he is just taking in the goats to see what kind of trade in value He can get on a new Volvo.

  5. Marcie – thanks :) Although the car showroom kind of gives it away – I liked the contrast between the brands and the ancient way of life, all co-existing albeit rather oddly.

    daina, thanks – it might be a sign of things to come, although the Negev Bedouin also really love their cars as well as (even more than) their donkeys.

    Michael, thanks a lot :)

    Terry, you never know, maybe he got a good deal in part exchange for the donkey and goats…

  6. excellent image …and process

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